Domiziana Giordano on Mon, 6 Mar 2000 12:11:59 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] On the sound of silence

Bernard wrote:
>we're so used to live in a world characterized by such high levels of noise,
>we're totally wasted if we experience silence (in acoustic but also a
>communicative sense). We feel cut off, ignored, disconnected, unwanted. I am a
>composer and musician, silence is a very important item in my work, I love the
>contrast between the most extreme form of audible noise, white noise, and
>silence. It is virtually the same, a window into some other form of thinking.
>Of course it can be scary but it can be beautiful as well.

The word "silence" has the destiny to be associated unpleasantly to emotional
States like void, fear, boredom, death, you name it.... Silence is
perceived like
a menace. Silence is the "non-existance"or the "non-presence".
In the contrary silence is the primary sound. Is the perfect one: then we have
the notes. Plural. The sound seems to be only one. Singular.
It's definitive, but not deadly. The sound exist only if the sounds exist,
and I don't go on because the issue is too vast and, besides, doesn't need
any further explanation.
A hint: Mondrian. To mention a painter whose works is deeply connected to
There is something that can be noticed only having the painting in front of
the nose:
those lines, black lines, suddenly stops. The're covered by white colour.
Still you can see underneath the trace of the black lines drawn before.
What is that, if not "silence"?

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