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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Eating Brasil

Excuse me my brother h.d.mabuse, but, in spite of the Northeastearn culture [Recife, Salvador, São Luís] be much more complex and "original" than all the rest of Brazilian culture - specially the Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo axis -, SP is very far of being a "dead cultural city", as u said.
It´s true that SP, the richest city of the South hemisphere, there are a majority of cultural consumers. People that don´t produce art - just buy it. But - and, as an artist, you know that - in the underground and in the periphery is growing NOW a quite unusual, disorganized and non-linear artistic movement - take a look at the hip hop bands, graffitti action groups, litterary magazines and art fanzines, and many many lonely artists that are using the Net as basis for their aesthetic experiments.
What I think that in SP is impossible to happen is an organized art movement, like the São Paulo´s Modern Art Week in the 20´s, or like the Recife´s Manguebeat in the 90´s, just because of the greatness and richness of this city - surrounded by a extremely poor periphery -, passionated by its own navel.
But me and George Orwell [and, of course, Chico Science and Mano Brown] agree with you: "if there is hope, it rests on the periphery" [1984].
Ronaldo Bressane
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Sao Paulo may be a curious city to think about, certainly is a
terrible city to live in and anyway is a dead cultural
city, with no culture of its own. Lending its cultural phenomenous
from the other places of Brazil (take a look at the last 20 years of
Brasilian music, for an example).

Like Fred Zero Quatro said:

"Don't expect nothing from the downtown /
if the periphery is deceased /
What was old in the north /
becomes new in the South"

> 1. São Paulo is a world city and Brazil is its hinterland.


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