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<nettime-ann> Request for Proposals - Improving the Digital Information Ecosystem- Civitates


Dear colleagues, partners and friends,

After starting working at the European Cultural Foundation I get to help disseminate open calls as this one below. It is launched by Civitates - a collaborative philanthropic initiative by the Network of European Foundations aiming to strengthen the capacity of civil society to play its indispensable role in shaping vibrant open European democracies that work for all. Recently Civitates has launched a request for proposals aimed at improving the digital information ecosystem.

Public discourse plays a vital role in open, democratic societies. It is an important forum through which people can voice their concerns and form opinions. Moreover, public discourse provides input for decision making processes. Digitization has fundamentally changed the way information is produced, distributed and consumed and thereby affects the public discourse.  Online platforms provide new opportunities for social engagement, both in the production of news and information, and in online activism and movement building. At the same time, the functioning of tech platforms also raises concerns about the quality of public discourse.

Civitates therefore wants to encourage European civil societies to build on knowledge and work across a range of initiatives that can help identify and advocate for targeted responses to specific problems of the current and future digital environment.


Funding is available for independent organizations that seek to:

-          Analyse the effect of digitization on the quality of the public discourse in Europe;

-          Expose issues impacting the quality of public discourse and democratic fabric in Europe; or

-          Improve the functioning of the digital information ecosystem (role of e.g. the technology platforms, the digital advertising industry, political actors) and its regulatory environment through advocacy initiatives.


Does this speak to you, or do you know an organization that might be interested?

Click here for more details


The deadline is 30 November.

Thank you for spreading the word, and apologies for any cross-posting. 


On behalf of the the Civitates Secretariat,



Friso Wiersum
Project Coordinator Communications

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1075 HN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)20 573 38 68


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