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<nettime-ann> Floating Swarm: art on the P2P web

Hello Nettime,

TL;DR: This is a call for for net art projects to publish on Floating Swarm, a peer to peer web exhibition space based on the Dat protocol, accessible with Beaker browser.

- - -

The project Floating Swarm began in the context of a net art course I give at Parsons Paris last semester. I wanted to publish the most interesting student’s net art projects on a public online gallery. I then realized it can be even better if they publish it themselves, on a decentralized web network, taking advantage of the cool features Beaker Browser offers (among other things, to publish and fork content in seconds). I want this project to go beyond the net art course and invite experienced persons to participate.

Dat is a peer-to-peer network and Beaker Browser allow to surf on it. Beaker makes the publication really easy thanks to a “Create new website” button.

Floating Swarm is the name of the surf club I created. The format is simple and inspired by many older surf clubs  (Nasty Nets, Spirit Surfers, Club Internet…). But it has its own characteristics:
Instructions to submit a creation
  1. insert the following script in your html page: <script src=""></script> before </body>
  2. host your page on the dat network using Beaker browser
  3. set your name or nickname as “Description” in your page settings
  4. make sure the creation is always online. Hashbase can help for that
  5. send the URL of your creation to bonjour+fs@raphaelbastide.com
With the dat protocol, we are back clients and servers of our information. This means the page needs to be seeded to be available for visitors. The step 4. ensure your content to remain online. Hashbase is a service that helps to keep the files online when your computer is offline.

Floating Swarm will be introduced at Radical Networks 2018 in Berlin, and in november at iMAL in Brussels. Feel free to get in touch with me if you need more details or if you are just curious.
See you on the P2P web.

Raphaël Bastide

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