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<nettime-ann> CURRENT SCREENSAVER: Martin Toldy /The Hero of Cyberanarchism/

Martin Toldy is currently Master’s student at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. He is one of the founders of Marina Abramovič Po Sebe Neupratuje, the remarkable collaborative performance group actively working with direct social context since 2015. Their works are easily recognizable by specific white costumes they use for their performances with accurately constructed and mostly dystopic scenarios. The script as such is also crucial element for Toldy’s own art practice. ‘Invalid Drama’ The Blind Spot 50m2 , one of his most significant artpieces, was performed in IKEA Bratislava during its regular opening hours. In one of its showrooms, three professional actors performed trial-like performance communicating with IKEA staff.

The Hero of Cyberanarchism is a story in which is explored the relationship between man and technology – theme that is not a novelty in Martin Toldy’s work. We can also mention Hamlet: A Mouse Trap or recently The Dictator Decides by his performance group Marina Abramovič Po Sebe Neupratuje. In all these examples the human-technology relationship is depicted in rather ambivalent way, fairly balancing on the edge of fun and nightmare.

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