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<nettime-ann> Call: Game and (Interactive) Film Challenge DE PONT

Game and (Interactive) Film Challenge DE PONT: Call for Participants

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Submarine Channel and the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network launch DE PONT â an interactive film and game challenge that revolves around a true Amsterdam icon. Storytellers such as game designers and filmmakers worldwide are invited to create a short (interactive) animation or game that takes place on the famous free ferry over the river IJ that connects the center of the capital to the north district.

The project is open to storytellers, game developers, animators, interaction designers, sound designers, filmmakers, professionals and/or students. Info and details:

DE PONT has its roots in a simple observation: game development tools such as Unity are increasingly used by filmmakers, animators and storytellers to create films. As a result the visual languages of cinema and video games are converging. What if both game designers and filmmakers were to create a game or film based on the same theme using the same assets? How would they approach it? What stories would they come up with? DE PONT is part of a research project that explores the storytelling potential of 3D game engines such as Unity for both film making and game development.

The organizers are providing a basic set of Unity compatible 3D assets to help creators get started. These assets can be downloaded at for free and may be used or modified according to the needs of the project.

A selection of the games and films made by participants will be showcased online and presented at various events and international festivals, including at the Digital Storytelling program of the NFF in September 2015.

DE PONT is an initiative of the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network and Submarine Channel made possible by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK). The 3D assets are created by animation studio NMTrix. |
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