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Belizean Pinhole Photos 2003
Belizean Pinhole Photos 2003

Belize (Ambergris Caye) was the first fully-fledged Global Islands Project. Featured
here are 180 fantastic (scanned 2-1/4" transparency film) pinhole
photos from 2003. Excommunicated. It's not the same place.


	Daag weh bring boan ker boan.

Literal translation: A dog that brings a bone will take it elsewhere.
Meaning: a reference to gossip  someone who brings you gossip will
also gossip about you.

	Neva kaal haligeta big mowt sotay yu don kraas di riva.

Literal translation: Dont call the alligator Big Mouth until you have
crossed the river. Meaning: Be careful who you insult  you might need
them yet!

	Fishaman neva seh ih fish stink.

Literal translation: A fisherman will never say his fish stinks.
Meaning: No one likes to criticize themselves or their products.


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