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<nettime-ann> Looking forward to Friday? WASTED Plastic Night

Title: WASTED Plastic Night â Invitation
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You’re invited to celebrate the launch of WASTED in Amsterdam Noord. Join us for an evening of workshops, animated shorts, music, food and drinks. We offer a mix of fun activities that were created to raise awareness, while experimenting with plastic up-cycling.

The WASTED Plastic Night teams with plastic initiatives such as Plastic Whale (Plastic Fishing Trip), Perpetual Plastic Project (3D printed rings), DUS Architects (3D printed plastic chairs) and Thisisarobot (plastic crochet with plastic bags) to bring you an interactive, fun and varied program. While the WASTED Team will show you the laboratory to build plastic blocks with waste from the neighbourhood, you can also attend a special Plasticoholics Anonymous Meeting to discover your addiction to plastic. And finally, once the sun goes down, relax in our open-air cinema while enjoying animated shorts, curated by KLIK! Amsterdam Animation.


July 10th

Roze Tanker, Noorderpark, Amsterdam

19.00 - 24.00

For the full programme visit our website:

This is the first time several plastic initiatives collaborate to celebrate the value of plastic.
Do you care? Get WASTED!

Please RSVP, OR reserve your seat for the open air screening by KLIK! Amsterdam Animation and/or for a workshop activity here.

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