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<nettime-ann> Evental Aesthetics Publication Announcement: EA Vol. 1 No. 2, "The Missed"


(I'm on the board here, wanted to send this out)

Subject: Publication Announcement: EA Vol. 1 No. 2, "The Missed"

We're pleased to announce the publication of our second issue, entitled "The
Missed." ÂA diverse collection of philosophical and aesthetic reflections on
failure and missed opportunity, this issue is nowÂavailable here for free
download. ÂWe'd like to extend special thanks to all of you who contributed
valuable reviews and opinions, which were integral to the production of this
- very strong, we believe, and certainly unusual - publication.

The contents are as follows:

 *  Editors' Introduction -ÂMandy-Suzanne Wong & Joanna Demers
 *  Zineb Sedira?s "Saphir" and H?l?ne Cixous? "landscape of theÂtrans-, of the
    passage" -ÂAnnaÂR?dstr?m
 *  Silence Being Thought: Badiou, Heidegger, Celan -ÂTom Betteridge
 *  Fakebook -ÂRich Andrew
 *  Becoming Spirit: Morality in Hegel?sÂPhenomenologyÂand Bergman?sÂThrough a
    Glass Darkly - MagdalenaÂWisniowska
 *  Grimonprez's Chimera -ÂIsabel Sobral Campos
Click here to view the table of contents and downloadÂThe Missed.
ÂIndividual articles and the issue in its entirety are ready for you to
peruse in pdf and html formats. Â Â

And don't forget: we are now accepting submissions for Vol. 1 No. 3,
provisionally entitledÂUrbanity & IndustryÂ(deadline: July 1, 2012).
ÂClickÂhereÂto see the call for authors.


- Alan, for the editors
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