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<nettime-ann> 1st ArtLeaks Working Assembly 2012 in Berlin - on 3rd of June.

> 1st ArtLeaks Working Assembly 2012 in Berlin - on 3rd of June.
> ArtLeaks invites you to a public working assembly around the issues that 
> are at the core of the group’s mission – exposing instances of abuse, 
> corruption and exploitation in the art world. This is the official 
> public launch of our platform, which began to operate in September 2011, 
> and will be followed by a series of debates and workshops in the near 
> future. These present a unique opportunity to engage more directly with 
> conditions of cultural work that affect not only artists but creative 
> workers in general: those from the traditionally creative fields as well 
> as those generally involved in cultural production.
> Members of ArtLeaks will present on the problematic politics of 
> sponsorship in contemporary culture, the intense exploitation of 
> cultural labor, the marketization of public space dedicated to so-called 
> independent initiatives, the appropriation of culture under the umbrella 
> of disreputable corporation and last but not least, what possibilities 
> we may envision for transversal alliances and activism against cases of 
> abuse and corruption of cultural managers and institutions.
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