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<nettime-ann> NerdLab #7 Selfmade Machines 25 March TAC Eindhoven

In 'selfmade machines' artists perform and show installations. 
Pulsating images, audiophonic food, brain machines, physical electronics...

An evening filled with performances, installations, DJ's and visuals. Public is invited to learn more about the quest of the artist, experimentally creating new machines that stimulate the senses.

The Eindhoven presentation is third and last of a three city tour. 's-Hertogenbosch and Breda proved it to be a very interesting program.

Artists included are:
Particle Sounds; Wexel; Arno Scheper; Albert van Abbe / Wim-Jan Smits; Martijn Verhallen; Henk-Jelle de Groot; Bakdath; DJ Elchi

25 March 2010
Doors open 8 PM, start 8:30 PM closes 0:00
TAC, Vonderweg 1 Eindhoven

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