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<nettime-ann> ISOC-NY Event: Censorship Circumvention via Kaleidoscope – NYU 3/25

[Live webcast - this Thursday - Please fwd widely]

The Internet Society is dedicated to preserving an Open Internet where
all users can communicate freely with each other. Increasingly
mechanisms are appearing that might, for whatever reason, inhibit such
activity, especially when such communications go through central
servers. Our ISOC-NY event this week will introduce a viable

On Thurs. Mar 25 ISOC-NY will host Prof. Jinyang Li in a talk about
the use of distributed systems, and particularly the use of the
Kaleidoscope Firefox plug-in, in circumventing censorship. This is
part of her ongoing research into "exploiting the real world social
relationships among users to improve the security and reliability of
open distributed systems."

All are welcome to attend, it will be webcast live and questions may
be asked via the chatroom. There will be an .ogv archive.

What: Jinyang Li – Censorship Circumvention via Kaleidoscope
Where: Rm. 102, Warren Weaver Hall NYU, 251 Mercer St NYC
When: Thursday Mar 25, 7:00pm,
Who: Public Welcome. Admission Free.
Sponsors: ISOC-NY, NYU-ACM

More info:

About Jinyang Li:

Dr. Li is a graduate of the University of Singapore (1998) who
completed her PhD in routing dynamics at MIT in 2006. After designing
a multichannel MAC protocol at UC Berkeley, she has been teaching and
researching distributed networks at NYU. She received an NSF CAREER
Award in 2008.

Current projects include cooperative distributed storage
(Friendstore), censorship circumvention (Kaleidoscope),wide area
distributed file systems (WheelFS) and high throughput multi-radio
wireless mesh networks.

About Kaleidoscope:

Kaleidoscope that uses social networks to spread the word about
anonymous proxies via a trusted social network. The software has two
components, a Firefox plugin for the notifications, and a backend that
creates the proxy server.

Download and docs:

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