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<nettime-ann> "Media and Proximity", April 22/23 2010, Universität Siegen (D)

Organiser: Locating Media Graduate School

Venue: University of Siegen, Artur-Woll-Haus, Am Eichenhang 50, 57076 Siegen

Date: 22nd-23rd April 2010

Further Information:

Media are often considered as bridging spatial and social divides. Indeed the benefits and effects of new information and communication technologies are often conceived in terms of the manner in which they overcome spatial limitations. In this context proximity or closeness is seen as representing the realisation of the end of distance, whilst also underpinning the undisputed positive connotations of such a process. Social and spatial proximity are therefore often considered as interchangeable. The conference will explore the limits of this approach and consider the topic of proximity afresh. In a global world the shortest path is no longer considered only in terms of spatial concepts. Proximity needs to be understood as being defined by specific and heterogeneous situations and perspectives. It is defined by the individual in the context of their situated socio-cultural experiences and practices. It is a relational category, that describes the topological connection between entities. Proximity is something that is produced and is the result of a process of negotiation.

The following questions arise: what role does media play in the negotiation of proximity? To what extent is proximity developed and defined through a focus on either individuals, technology or media? In what way does proximity produced through media change concepts of temporality and topology? What role do boundaries play in the context of a delineation of the individual from their neighbours and online communities? Finally, which methodological approaches enable us to best characterise the concept of proximity?


Thursday 22nd April 2010

13.30 Welcome Georg Stanitzek (University of Siegen) and Opening Word Jens Schröter (Locating Media Graduate School)

13.45 Introduction Katharine S. Willis (Siegen)

Section I: Representing Closeness

14.15 Regine Buschauer (Basel): I-, Mii & Myspace. Mediale Nähe als Selbst-Präsentation

15.00 Ramón Reichert (Linz): Selbstbilder in YouTube – Zur Intermedialität der Nähe

16.15 Jana Herwig (Wien): „Post Your Desktop!“ – Negotiating Proximity and Distance in an Anonymous Environment on Imageboard


18.00 Heather Horst (Irvine/London): Aesthetics of the Self: Materiality and Connectivity in the Digital Age

Friday 23rd April 2010

Section II: Mobile Boundaries

09.30 Adnan Barlas & Meltem Senturk (Ankara): Mobile Phones and Urban Identity

10.45 Lorena Melgaco (Belo Horizonte, Brasil): The Museum of Today: Towards Bridging the Sociocultural Gap in Brazil

11.30 Tilo Grätz (Hamburg/Halle): Radio Shows and New Proximities in Benin (West Africa)

Section III: Zones of Connectivity

13.45 Mareike Layer (Berlin): Der Kick der Gastfreundschaft. Wie es sich auf fremden Couchen surft oder wo der Nächste beginnt

14.30 David Sittler (Weimar): Die urbane Straße – ein situierendes Medium? Modalitäten der „Fern-Nähe“ und „Nah-Ferne“ in Chicago um 1920

15.45 Thomas Waitz (Köln): Distanz, Nähe, Medium. Über den Blick auf städtische Peripherie

16.30 Niels Werber (Siegen): Das Glashaus. Medien der Nähe im 19. Jahrhundert


Graduate School "Locating Media/Situierte Medien"
Universität Siegen/University of Siegen, FB 3 - Medienwissenschaft
Artur-Woll-Haus, Am Eichenhang 50, 57076 Siegen, Germany
Tel: +49 271 740-3065

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