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<nettime-ann> open position TECHNICAL MANAGER at LABoral/Gijon/Spain

LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Center is seeking to appoint a
Technical Manager.

LABoral is an interdisciplinary space created to promote an exchange
between art, science, technology and industrial creation. It is also
a center for research, education, technical and artistic production,
as well as for the promotion of new forms of art and industrial creation.


Language requirements are Spanish and English (spoken and written)

The manifold activities of LABoral require the technical manager to be
a highly motivated technically skilled generalist with good communication
skills, service attitude and the ability to work in a team.

LABoral is looking for a practitioner with the following theoretical
knowledge and practical experience in:
- Computer hardware/software: PC, APPLE, Windows, OSX, Linux
- Multimedia and interactive environments
- Networked environments for exhibitions/performances
- Audio and video hardware and setups for multimedia, studio, exhibition
  and performance environments
- Electricity and electronics

The responsibilities for the technical manager at LABoral include:

Within the area of exhibitions the technical manager is responsible for:
- Technical pre-production
- Technical coordination of exhibition setup
- Technical maintenance of exhibition
- Technical coordination of exhibition dismantling
The technical manager will be part of the exhibition production team and
in close contact with the artists to gather and produce the necessary
information needed for the exhibition production. S/he will be in contact
and work with 3rd party companies to ensure the completeness of equipment
and is responsible for the technical teams for setup and dismantling.

The technical manager has to setup and maintain LABorals temporarily and
permanent research facilities from a technical point of view. S/he has to
assist a diverse range of artists, researchers and practitioners to ensure
a working infrastructure for individual needs.

The technical manager is responsible for the technical production of workshops.
S/he has to ensure the completeness of the technical requirements and
infrastructure and has to assist during the workshops.

The technical manager has to take care about the technical infrastructure
for in house productions (for example the production of an artwork for the
project office) and assist with her/his theoretical and practical knowledge.

Other activities:
The technical manager is responsible for the technical production of other
activities by LABoral like concerts, performances or exhibitions taking
place outside of LABoral.

The technical manager is responsible for the maintenance of the in house

For further information please contact
Closing date September 28th, 2007
The application has to be in English

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