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<nettime-ann> The World Is My Imagination - Exhibition, Manchester UK

International Media Art Exhibition at CUBE, The Centre for the Urban Built
Environment, Manchester, England

"The World is My Imagination": Media-Model-Miniature
Curated by Andrea Zapp

7th September - 3rd November 2007
Cube invites you to attend the preview on Thursday, 6th September, 6.00pm-

Striking and picturesque model worlds replicate real and imaginary spaces,
while reflecting existences and habitats, personal memories and longing.
This shift in scale ultimately comments on our surroundings, within
social, cultural and technological changes.

Nine artists and collectives explore the miniscule as an artist interface
in video, networked and interactive installations, digital sound
sculptures and photography, found objects and custom built environments. 
Not just in Gulliver's Travels, have shifting sizes and miniature shapes
been a creative feature in literature and contemporary art practice. The
exhibition explores this fascination for artists and audiences alike. Nine
international projects display miniscule scenery with particular and
ingenious methods within the field of media arts and environment.

Film, photography, digital imagery, sounds, and model objects are embedded
into custom-built rooms and miniature interfaces, to establish a story;
opposing a playful, dreamlike world against the real, in relation to
Schopenhauer's view that 'the world is my imagination'.

Participating Artists

Nick Hardy, UK; h.o. Media Group, Japan; Hilary Jack, UK; Jennifer and
Kevin McCoy, USA; Markus Kison, Germany; Amanda Oliphant, UK; Mark
Pilkington, UK; Joel Porter, UK; Andrea Zapp, Germany/UK

With thanks to Arts Council England, Manchester Metropolitan University,
Ars Electronica Center Linz, Astra Signs. The World is my Imagination is
exhibited as part of the Manchester Science Festival:

The exhibition is hosted by CUBE (Centre for the Urban Built Environment),
based in the heart of Manchester, and one of Europe's most exciting
Architecture & Design Centres, dedicated to communicating the ideas and
issues that lie behind the buildings and spaces that make up our built
environment.  CUBE promotes education programmes at all levels and
showcases developments in architecture and design in a Centre housing
three excellent galleries, four seminar rooms and a RIBA bookshop.

Free entry to the Gallery: Monday - Saturday 12.30 - 5.30.

For further information contact CUBE on 0161 237 5525 or at info@cube.org.uk

CUBE (Centre for the Urban Built Environment) 113-115 Portland Street,
Manchester M1 6DW
Telephone: 0161 237 5525, Fax: 0161 236 5815 www.cube.org.uk

regards --
Dave Griffiths

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