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<nettime-ann> Cinema Solubile ahead

Solve the season: new Cinema Solubile evenings ahead

Please repost on lists or forward if you feel is pertinent.


Cinema Solubile’s  season is about to start again.

Cinema Solubile is a game with 11 participants: 11 short films of maximum 6'22", 11 frames, to be made in 23 hours according (or in opposition) to the 1914 Futurist cinema manifesto.The films will be shown to an audience and then destroyed by the maker himself on stage.
Cinema Solubile to solve and dissolve the riddle of NEXTcinema!

(see for informations et memorabilia refer to www.cinemasolubile.net)


** 24-25 August : Castello di Pissignano, Campello sul Clitunno (province of Spoleto, ITALY)

Campello Sul Clitunno is a small, ancient town, 10 km out of Spoleto and 53Km from Perugia, in central Italy. The Castle that since 1100 dominates the valley has a rare pentagonal tower. The zone is knowk for Olive Oil, food, arts and craftsmanship but holds a good amount of subterranean energies ready to explode.
The event is going to be organized in collaboration with OFFUCINA (www.offucina.com) and the Campello Administration.

** 13-14 September: Solubile@WORM Rotterdam

WORM is a cultural center and media rich event organizer in Rotterdam. I saw a great place with a very good energy when i visited. A cinema, a stage for concerts, a bar, a media shop plus places for workshops, for 16mm film and sound design… All designed to be sustainable/reusable and powered with free software…
** 27-28 October: Roma Solubile

With an invitation by Kollatino Underground (http:// www.kollatinounderground.org).
KU is the place to be if you want to meet the roman alternative- experimental theater scene.
The CS will be embedded into the activities that Kollatino is organizing for the “Festa del Cinema” (http://www.romacinemafest.org
), the big CINEMA festival of Rome at it’s second edition. Apparently to emend itself for being too mainstream in the lounch edition, Roma film fest wants to go “solubile”. Occasion to show new cinema to the big old guy's fans in town.

*** makers are invited to participate by the cinema solubile himself. If you like to be part get to us and impress us with your personality... we especially welcome delators: say to us who, according to your judgement we should invite to participate and why!
*** to see you must show up in the venue, there is no way you can enjoy a solubile without being to the show in person...
*** we also (usually) welcome any kind of actor performer musician ready to play with us or be part of the show in "immediatist" ways or offering his body/soul/mind/spirit to makers

write to freddbomba@gmail.com or refer to our website!

The Futurist Manifesto of Cinema can be found in translation for example here:http://www.unknown.nu/futurism/cinema.html

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