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<nettime-ann> CFP for Generalist online journal, September 3, 07

Nebula 4.2 is now available online and with unrestricted access at . The table of contents is listed below for your convenience. Our current call for papers follows the table of contents.
Note on contributors i-v

Pramod K. Nayar.
?The New Monstrous: Digital Bodies, Genomic Arts and Aesthetics.? 1-20

Sarah Atkinson
?The Versatility of Visualization: Delivering Interactive Feature Film Content on DVD.? 21-39

Robert Goff
?Convenient Truths: A Commentary on the 2007 Academy Awards Ceremony as a Global Event.? 40-57

Kimberly S. Adams.
?Different Faces, Different Priorities:  Agenda-Setting Behavior in the Mississippi, Maryland, and Georgia State Legislatures.? 58-95

Haidar Eid
?Representations of Oslo Intelligentsia: A Fanonian Reading of the Intellectual Landscape in Post-Oslo Palestine.? 96-106

Yashar Keramati
. ?Twenty Years in the Making: The Palestinian Intifada of 1987.? 107-122
Yashar Keramati. ?Religious Zionist Female Settlers and Participation in Warfare and Violence.? 123-138

Vladimir Tumanov
?Yahweh vs. the Teraphim: Jacob?s Pagan Wives in Thomas Mann?s Joseph and his Brothers  and  in Anita Diamant?s The Red Tent.? 139-151

Munira K. Al-Fadhel.
"Coiled Tongues: A Critical Reading of Thinking Class: Sketches from a Cultural Worker by Joanna Kadi.? 152-161

Isam M. Shihada.
?The Patriarchal Class System in Nawal El Saadawi?s God Dies by the Nile.? 162-182

Anthony Stewart
?Cooperation in the Face of Defection: The Prisoner's Dilemma in Invisible Man.? 183-207

Victoria E. Price
?Troping Prostitution: Jonson and the ?Court Pucell.?? 208-222

Senayon S. Olaoluwa
. "From the Local to the Global: A Critical Survey of Exile Experience in Recent African Poetry." 223-252

Stuart Laing and Tara Brabazon
. ?Creative Doctorates, Creative Education? Aligning Universities with the Creative Economy.? 253-267

Philip Santa-Maria
. ?Changing the Direction of Society Through Human Enhancement and Society?s Reactions.? 268-282

Nejmeh Khalil-Habib
. ?Al-Durra/The Second Wife.? 283-286
Nejmeh Khalil-Habib. ?Struck by an Evil Eye.? 287- 291

Kris Belden-Adams
?Fiddling While New Orleans Flooded: The Production, Dissemination and Reception of ?Dubya? Serenading the ?Madonna of the Superdome.?? 292-305

Terry Dalrymple and John Wegner
. ?
We Could Be So Good Together: Rock and Roll and American Fiction.? 306-318

Sunday Adejimola Amuseghan
. "ESL Curriculum in Secondary Schools in Nigeria: Issues and Challenges Towards Communicative Competence."

. "Re-visiting Ursula Le Guin?s The Dispossessed: Anarcho-Taoism and World Resource Management." 334-348
Nebula is an online, peer-reviewed, academic periodical which is interested in all things intellectual with the intention of providing a platform for interdisciplinary reading.  Unlike other academic periodicals, Nebula is not limited to one Faculty or subject.  We accept academic articles from any discipline provided that these are written in non-specialist language and in a manner that appeals to a broad audience.  Nebula also publishes intellectual writings that may not necessarily meet the generic conventions of an academic article.  In addition, we encourage academics and intellectuals to participate in a public debate as regards world politics.  We particularly welcome submissions of a marginal or ?against the grain? nature and those that heavily interrogate popular political ideologies in a sound and well-evidenced manner.  Writings of high calibre that are particularly underrepresented in other academic periodicals are most welcome for consideration.  Nebula also publishes literary and art works and is willing to consider any (graphic, cartoon etc.) material, which can be published on the world wide web.  Submissions intended for Nebula are not limited by a particular house style; we simply ask that whichever referencing style is being used, that it is used consistently and thoroughly throughout each piece. Please note that we receive a large volume of submissions for each issue and cannot consider material which is, or appears to be, in draft form.
Submissions for Nebula 4.3 are due September 3, 2007.
Email articles in .doc or equivalent to or, please also include a brief biographical note and a brief CV

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