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<nettime-ann> 'Mobile Media' -- the book

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'Mobile Media'
edited by Gerard Goggin and Larissa Hjorth
proceedings of Mobile Media 2007
an international conference held at the University of Sydney
2-4 July 2007
Featuring 33 innovative papers on contemporary mobile media from contributors across a range of countries and disciplines, this handsomely presented book collection offers a timely assessment of the transformations associated with mobile phones, mobile media and wireless technologies, and their social, cultural, psychological, aesthetic, design, and policy implications.
AUS $45 (inc. postage) within Australia
AUS$50 (inc. postage) elsewhere in the world
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Mobile Media table of contents
Introduction Gerard Goggin and Larissa Hjorth
Part 1: Mobile Cultures, Spaces and Identities

Mobile urbanities: Emerging publics and privates

1 Mobile public art and the urban screen Maria Natascha Stukoff
2 Who writes the city? Petra Gemeinboeck, Andy Dong and
Francesca Veronesi
3 The mobile (r)evolution in everyday life: A border crossing between
public and private space? Bram Lievens, Wendy Van den Broeck
and Jo Pierson
Mobile phone cultures

4 Face to face: Avatars and mobile identities Kathy Cleland
5 From mobile phones to mobile media:Current developments
in mobile phone-based cultural consumption
Juan Miguel Aguado and Inmaculada J. Martínez
6 The affective mobile: Risks of brain cancer in the suburbs
Iain Sutherland
Mobile identities and practices

7 The cultural connect: Mobile phone use and identity Clare Lloyd
8 Mobile romance: Exploring a new landscape for courtship in the
 Philippines Randy Jay C. Solis
9 Hidden meanings: Understanding the social-psychological impact
of mobile phone use through storytelling Kathleen M. Cumiskey
Youth and mobiles

10 Looking for diversity: Children and mobile phones Leslie Haddon
11 Mobile Me: Approaches to mobile media use by children and
young people Stephanie Hemelryk Donald and Damien Spry
12 The adoption of mobile media by young adults in Sweden
Oscar Westlund
13 Young and connected: Psychological influences of mobile phone
use among Australian youth Shari P. Walsh, Katherine M. White
and Ross M. Young
Theorising mobile media
14 Mobile media and space Clara Völker
15 Mobile phones, networked selves, media ecologies Marsha Berry
16 Mobile phone-mediated interaction: Technoaffectivity, mobile
subject and urban space Minerva Terrades and Yann Bona
17 Living in the moment: Transience, identity and the mobile device
Jenny Weight
Part 2: Emerging Mobile Visualities,
Textualities, Convergences, and Divergences

Mobile play: Gaming, music, new media and beyond

18 Games without borders: Globalisation, gaming and mobility in
Venezuela Thomas H. Apperley
19 Domesticating new media: A discussion on locating mobile media
Larissa Hjorth
20 Net_Dérive: A participative artwork for mobile media
Atau Tanaka, Petra Gemeinboeck and Ali Momeni
New textualities and visualities

21 A local study of the camera phone: The usage pattern and beyond
Bo Gai
22 Text messaging: A private form of communication? Jayde Cahir
23 Emerging patterns of American mobile phone use: Electronically
mediated communication in transition Naomi S. Baron and
Rich Ling
24 Cell phone SMS news in Chinese newspaper groups: A case study
of Yunnan Daily Press Group Liu Cheng and Axel Bruns
25 Rethinking rituals: Mobile media in activist and protest culture
Molly Hankwitz
Mobile content, convergence and wireless trajectories

26 Perspectives on mobiles and PCs: Attitudinal convergence and
divergence among small businesses in urban India
Jonathan Donner
27 Why YouTube cannot exist on a European mobile: The European
regulatory strategy on mobile content access Claudio Feijóo,
José Luis Gómez-Barroso and Ana-Ángeles Marín
28 Mobile phones: Copyright in content Melissa de Zwart,
David Lindsay and Sharon Rodrick
29 Wireless communities as a sociotechnical infrastructure to inhabit:
Becoming expert, becoming a node Yann Bona and
Minerva Terrades
30 Constructing personal experience infrastructures for people on the
move Jennie Carroll
Journalism and mobile learning

31 Reinventing newspapers in a digital era: The mobile e-paper
Wendy Van den Broeck, Bram Lievens and Jo Pierson
32 Mobile media and the journalism curriculum David Cameron
33 Mobile learning technologies and the move towards 'user-led
education' Axel Bruns, Rachel Cobcroft, Jude Smith and
Stephen Towers
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