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<nettime-ann> CFP Social Fabrics

Submissions are invited for wearable technology proposals for an event-style exhibition of wearable technology art, to be held at the College Art Association 2008 Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas.
Social Fabrics will explore artists' creative deployment of mobile, socially interconnective media as wearable attire or personal accoutrements.  This event-style exhibition, curated by Patrick Lichty and Susan Ryan, will demonstrate convergences between fashion as _expression_/statement, and the phenomenology of "network culture."  Works presented will include technological attire and accessories, as well as works that engage the implications of our contemporary media and fashion driven lifestyles.

Submitted works should be functional (not concept projects) and able to be withstand some level of demonstration by the time of the show.  Designers (or their representatives) are expected to appear in person to present their work.

Please submit:

-Title of work

-Names and email addresses of all designers

-Brief description of work including

(1) How it interacts with others and/or creates or comments on the digitally enhanced social sphere;

(2) What technologies are utilized; and

(3) How it can be displayed at a modified runway style presentation; and

(4)  Whether or not the artist or an agent (named) can commit to participating in the event in Dallas, Texas, on February 22.

-Photos/sketches/video of project and its presentation (if available)

-Indicate whether or not you would be willing to have visuals from your project appear on the exhibition website

Please email your submission as a single PDF (photos embedded) to:

Video can be sent separately or it can be viewed by us on a website, send URL.

Submission Deadline: October 15 midnight CST: The submissions will be committee reviewed and you will receive a notification on or before November 25.
The exhibition/event will take place on February 22. 2008 at the College Art Association 2008 Annual Meeting  in Dallas, Texas.
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