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<nettime-ann> [OKNO] workshop : audio and video streaming

Audio and video Streaming Workshop, dis-organized by /Code31/
                         		and led by Arjen Keesmaat


:: content ::

During the second workshop within the framework of Code31's xmedk online research,
we'll present a two day crash course in audio and video streaming.
What does it take to send a live video stream from your desktop to the whole world:

We'll learn how to configure a streaming server, take a look at different kinds of broadcasters.
Deal with the technicalities: Which protocols to use? What is the difference between udp en tcp?
What is with all these codecs?

We'll start low level but in a further stage, dive deeper into the technicalities of streaming :
How to configure your network and deal with protocols.
How your video imagery gets compressed to those coded bits and bytes.

The people at rambla.be are giving us an introduction in getting your streams out in the open,
reliably streaming to the bigger public.

:: partcipants ::

The workshop is free and open for anyone.
If you're interested in participating, send an email with short bio
and motivation to ef4db at code31.lahaag.org

:: non-physical ::

This workshop is a testcase for the Code31 online research, so
those who can't make it to the workshop can follow online, details
will be provided on the code31 site;

We will provide a live video stream and a moderated chat channel.

We're looking for participants who want to join and also evaluate
the setup !  So, if you're interested, point your fingers to

:: about Arjen Keesmaat ::

Arjen is an interaction designer and media artist, graduated at the Utrecht School of Arts (The Netherlands),
faculty of Art, Media and Technology, now active developing media- installations, from in concept to realisation.

Former collaborator at waag.org in the Sensing Presence - (KeyWorx, Connected/Anatomic) and the Creative
Learning (ScratchWorx) departments, conducting workshops, technical realisation and development.

:: location ::

OKNO -- Koolmijnenkaai 30/34 -- 1080 Brussels -- Belgium
metro: Graaf van Vlaanderen/Comte de Flandre -- Tram18
dates/data: saturday 31/03 -- sunday 01/04 from 10am till 5pm
Free coffee, tea and soft drinks.


With the support of / met de steun van  / het VAF (Vlaams
Audiovisueel Fonds)
the .x-med-k. workshop series is a collaboration between okno, nadine
and foam.

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