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Evolution de l'Art
Bratislava, Slovak Republic
March 21 - April 22, 2007

The gallery Evolution de l'Art arises from a collaboration between SPACE (Juraj Carny, Diana Majdakova and Lydia Pribisova) and Cesare Pietroiusti.
Evolution de l'Art is a Âgallery for contemporary art which only sells artworks that are immaterial, with no physical residue, and it does not release certificates of authenticity, nor statements or receipts. EdlA will represent, on a non-exclusive basis, artists whose artwork is, at least in the case of some specific projects, alien from any physical-material component. Beyond this condition, there will not be any other limitation or requisite for represented artists in terms of medium or technique.
EdlA offers the possibility of becoming contemporary art collectors to the widest possible audience. Therefore the gallery will offer artworks at aÂrange of very different prices, including some that can be purchased for a few Euros. Purchases can be made at the headquarters of the gallery (Lazaretska 9, Bratislava) or through the website .
On the gallery website, anyone can find the updated list of artworks for sale, with their price list, as well as a list of all those that have been already sold, including the buyers' names (unless anonymity is requested).

Participating artists (among others):

A Constructed World /AUS/
aiPotu /NOR/
Lara Almarcegui /NL/
Ayreen Anastas /USA/
Erik Binder /SK/
Ondrej Brody - Kristofer Paetau /CZ/
Joanna Callaghan /AUS-UK/
Juraj Carny /SK/
Asli Cavusoglu / TK/
Carla Cruz /PT/
Nemanja Cvijanovic /KR/
Catherine D'Ignazio â Institute fo Infinitely Small Things/ /USA/
Roberto De Simone /I/
Stanislao Di Giugno /I/
Andrew Duggan /IR/
Esculenta (Raffaella Spagna e Andrea Caretto) / I /
Emilio Fantin /I/
Petra Feriancova /SK/
Ulrika Ferm /FIN/
Stano Filko /SK/
Harrell Fletcher /USA/
Michael Fliri / I /
Viktor Fucek /SK/
Rene Gabri /USA/
Liam Gillick /GB/
Ellen Harvey / USA /
Nina Hoechtl /A/
Philippine Hoegen /NL/
Christoph Hoeschele /A/
Per HÃttner /SVE/
IainÂKerr & Morgan J. Puett /CAN-USA/
Sharon Kivland /F/
Eva Kotatkova / CZ /
JiÅÃ Kovanda /CZ/
Jaroslav Kysa & Radovan Cerevka /SK/
Gareth James / GB-USA /
Pedro Lasch /Mex/
Otis Laubert /SK/
Pia Lindman /FIN/
M+M /D/
Antonino Musco /I/
Angel Nevarez /USA/
Giancarlo Norese /I/
Boris Ondreicka /SK/
Adam Page & Eva Hertzsch /DE/
Eugenio Percossi /I/
Jorge Peris /E/
Jenny Perlin /USA/
Alessandro Piangiamore /I/
Cesare Pietroiusti /I/
Giuseppe Pietroniro /I/
Mira Podmanicka /SK/
LÃdia PribiÅovà /SK/
Ben Readman /UK/
Ruth Sacks & Robert Sloon /SA/
Dorota Sadovska /SK/
Scanner /UK/
Michael Schumacher /USA/
Rudolf Sikora /SK/
Shelly Silver /USA/
Wolfgang Staehle /D-USA/
Janos Sugar /HU/
Barry Sykes /UK/
Valerie Tevere /USA/
Jan Triaska /SK/
Enzo Umbaca /I/
Nikola Uzunovski /Macedonia/
Marcella Vanzo /I/
Roman Vasseur /UK/
Kamiel Verschuren / NL /
Cesare Viel /I/
Dusan Zahoransky /SK/
Danielle van Zuijlen /NL/
Mary Zygouri /GR/

Evolution de l'Art
c/o Space
Lazaretska 9
811 08 Bratislava 1, Slovak Republic

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