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OKNOPUBLIC #3 :: from 4 -> 7 april 2007


OKNOPUBLIC #03 is the result of the collaborative effort of different organisations (http://code31.lahaag.org ; http://so-on.be ; http://societyofalgorithm.org), initiatives, artists and residents Alejandra Perez Nunez and Dusan Barok.

During 4 days it brings together people who have an interest in looking at new ideas for creative work, willing to question their own practices. We hope some are interested in working together after these days in a context where some network based artworks can be made, from different geographical and ideological places and from different content based approaches.

The program is structured along 4 thematic days with cross-overs, and consists of project presentations and public debates, workshops, performances and an installation.
Detailed program on: http://www.okno.be/?id=1053


Day 1: wednesday 4/4: from 2pm -> 6pm
Tales of a Connected City - (the last mile is the network)

The network as truly social : your neighbours stay your neighbours.
A look at local mesh networks: what makes the difference between connected places and non-connected ones. What are we connecting to? A discussion about collaboration, content and techniques, setting up new structures and developing new practices for creative work.

With: Réseau Citoyen, okno, Citymine(d), bna-bbot, Rotor, An Mertens
Introduced by Pieter Heremans and Annemie Maes,
moderated by Givan Bela and IRC Alejandra Perez Nunez

Followed by a bombolong install-party: get onto the réseau citoyen!

MAI - interactive installation
by Isjtar and Masato Tsutsui, daily between 7pm and 9pm

performances : from 9pm -> 11pm
Day 1: Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann, Justin Bennett, Haraldur Karlsson


Day 2 : thursday 5/4: from 2pm -> 6pm
on public space and sound practices

We’ll examine and discuss audio networks in public space. Artist networks reappropriate public space by means of sound, and comment and annotate public space by soundtags. Can we speak of hybrid transmission spaces? Do these mobile modes of exchange provoke new creative practices?

With: Tapio Mäkelä, Justin Bennett, Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann.
Moderated by Annemie Maes and IRC Dusan Barok.

MAI - interactive installation
by Isjtar and Masato Tsutsui, daily between 7pm and 9pm


Day 3: friday 6/4: from 2pm -> 6pm
on the reinvention of everyday practices

We will gather ideas around creativity and the reinvention of social practices. We will explore how the interest in the transformation of society can initiate the reinvention of practices that become conceived as tactical. In the Practice of Everyday Life Michel de Certeau emphasizes the particular status of ways of using and operating in the social practice or "everyday practice". He differentiates between strategies: the tools of the powerful and tactics: the art of the weak.
In this meeting we will be reflecting on various approaches.

With: Apo33 , Barb Huber , Alejandra Perez Nunez
Moderated by Tapio Mäkelä, and IRC Givan Bela

performances : from 9pm -> 11pm
Day 3: Jens Brand, Apo33, elpueblodechina

MAI - interactive installation
by Isjtar and Masato Tsutsui, daily between 7pm and 9pm


Day 4: saturday 7/4: from 2pm -> 6pm
A = particles-waves-streams

Can our networks become a new playground where we can meet to show-and-tell, invent, share and toy around with creativity till it becomes something to admire while there, and wonder about later... we will try to percieve how people work with audio and visual data, and how structure emerges through interaction, and build on communication to become visible and heard as a thing of shared beauty that can be different from what flikr and tube give us...

With: Haraldur Karlson, Jasna Velickovic , Bojan Fajfric , Vesna Madzoski, Jens Brand , Todor Todoroff, Maja Kuzmanovic , Nik Gaffney
Moderated by Givan Bela and IRC Dusan Barok

B = the complexity of collaboration / b22f#4 / from 7pm -> 8pm
An hour of topological études for network pieces

MAI - interactive installation
by Isjtar and Masato Tsutsui, daily between 8pm and 9pm

performances : from 9pm->11pm
Day 4: the society of algorithm, Isjtar, Masato Tsutsui and Jeroen Uyttendaele


workshops :

31/1 and 1/4: streaming workshop by code 31, arjen keesmaat and rambla

During the second workshop within the framework of Code31's xmedk online research, we'll present a two day crash course in audio and video streaming.
What does it take to send a live video stream from your desktop to the whole world: we'll learn how to configure a streaming server, take a look at different kinds of broadcasters.
Deal with the technicalities: Which protocols to use? What is the difference between udp en tcp? What is with all these codecs?

We'll start low level but in a further stage, dive deeper into the technicalities of streaming : How to configure your network and deal with protocols. How your video imagery gets compressed to those coded bits and bytes.
The people at rambla.be are giving us an introduction in getting your streams out in the open, reliably streaming to the bigger public.
Info and subscriptions: http://www.xmedk.be/index.php?id=676

4/4: réseau citoyen install party by réseau citoyen


For a detailed program and schedules : http://www.okno.be/?id=1053

okno public01 onsite
04 > 07 april 2007, daily from 2pm > 11pm
@ okno – koolmijnenkaai 30/34 – 1080 Brussels – Belgium
metro Graaf van Vlaanderen / Comte de Flandres ::: tram 18

oknopublic#03 online
@ http://okno.be
audiovisual streaming & IRC chats, daily from 2pm > 11pm
check site for streaminglinks and program updates
info: okno@okno.be


okno is supported by the Flemisch authorities, the VAF (Flemisch Audiovisual Fund) and the VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie)


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