Patrick Lichty on Tue, 07 Dec 1999 12:37:38 -0500

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Syndicate: Exploring Beograd, Serbska, and the Former Yugoslavia.


This is only a query regarding research that I am considering at the
moment.  My wife for some time has been a scholar of Yugoslav
regional drama and culture. Her work has given me a great interest in the
aesthetic issues of the region concerning my own critical questions about
cultural, political, and social boundaries between Western (especially
American) interests and those of the former Yugoslavia (Including
Croatia, and espesially Serbia).

In 2000, I would like to try to establish a conversation with curators or
artists in the region, possibly culminating in some sort of event,
exhibition, collaboration, or other intervention.  My goal would be
to question the various social/political/cultura boundaries through
aesthetic critical inquiry.  Areas of interest are the entire
region, but especially Beograd.

I hope that this is of some interest to another willing to begin a

Patrick Lichty.