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Syndicate: MECAD

Syndicatists, for your info:

We are pleased to inform you that MECAD\Media Centre d'Art i
Disseny,located in Sabadell - Barcelona, opens the application period for
production and research grants addressed to artists and professionals in
the different fields of Electronic Art and Digital Design
At the request of Claudia Giannetti, director of MECAD, we send you the
general conditions of the grants and please you to spread this information
to all the people that could be interested on.
If you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to e-mail us

With best regards,
Patricia Bofill

MECAD \ Media Centre d'Art i Disseny
Dpto. de actividades / Activities dept
Patricia Bofill
Marqu=E9s de Comillas 79-83
08202 Sabadell - Barcelona (Spain)
Tel. +34 93 745 70 40
Fax +34 93 726 81 83
Escola Superior de Disseny ESDI
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