florian schneider on Wed, 01 Dec 1999 23:56:12 +0100

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Syndicate: arte thematic evening on sans papiers (last reminder)

"Well, I think in a way it is like a second birth. Because when you
don't have documents, you are pushed around... People speak of the sans
papiers without really knowing them. Only the occupation of St. Bernard
provided us with an identity, and that on a world-wide scale. You know ?
today everybody knows us. We even have a web site on the internet. The
point is that we have really existed only since St. Bernard, our
existence has begun with this, and the purpose of the movement, at the
end of the road is this piece of paper that we have received. For us it
really has the dimension of a new birth. It is as if through this we had
received a new identity, the opportunity for a new beginning." (Ababacar

so, for those who cannot see the films on thursday night, there is a
translation of the sans papiers film online now. thanks to alain, who
made it! and maybe soon some more pictures or even movie files...





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