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Syndicate: THE WORLD'S A STAGE: Post Turkey Day Netcas

Lean back, rest your hands on your nice full belly and roll up to your
computer for a post turkey feast Performance Art netcast.   Join us for THE
WORLD'S A STAGE on the day after Thanksgiving by logging on to or and enjoy, again!

The World's a Stage
Friday, November 26, 1999:
FIONA TEMPLETON, "You the City";
JULIE LAFFIN, "Various States of D(u)ress";
YVETTE HELIN, "Pedestrian Project";
ANDRE STITT, "Witness" akshun.

The Italian Futurists made the world their stage in 1910 when they lugged
800,000 copies of a manifesto berating the past-loving Venetians up the
Clock Tower and waited for everyone to emerge from Church.  When they threw
the manifestoes down on the heads of the faithful, who read that Venice was
a sewer of traditionalism and only the future had value, the Venetians
claimed it a heresy, because indeed, this important idea had no currency at
the time.  So the populus stormed up the Clock Tower, the Futurist poets
and painters stormed down and in the fistfight that resulted was born
performance art.  (Or at least this is where I assign the beginning of
performance art to be.)  And I believe contemporary performance art still
exhibits the traces of this event, especially in the work of artists who
use the world as a stage for their ideas.

For more information about THE HISTORY OF THE FUTURE, how to view netcasts,
and Franklin Furnace Archives, Inc. go to  To
watch netcasts, just download the RealPlayer plug in available at, it's free!



Performance artists Martha Wilson, Diane Torr and Cathay Che will perform
their work and present selections from HEROINES, written by Claude Cahun in
the 1920s. HEROINES consists of fifteen stream-of-consciousness monlogues,
written in the voices of major women of history and literature such as the
Virgin Mary, Sappho, Cinderella, Penelope, Delilah and Helen of Troy.

These artists were selected by Shelley Rice, curator of Inverted Odysseys,
an exhibition of the work of Claude Cahun, Maya Deren and Cindy Sherman at
the Grey Art Gallery of NYU, in order to show transformation works of the
present moment in conjunction with works in the exhibition.

Performances will take place on Tuesday, December 7 at 8:15 PM at La Maison
Francaise, 16 Washington Mews (which is the carriage house alley behind
Washington Square North, corner of University Place). Reservations are
imperative, as space is limited. Call 212-998-8750. The exhibition at Grey
Art Gallery will open until 8:00 PM for viewers who would like to attend.

Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.
45 John Street, #611
New York, NY 10038-3706

Martha Wilson, Founding Director
Michael Katchen, Senior Archivist
Harley Spiller, Administrator
Tiffany Ludwig, Program Coordinator

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