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Syndicate: 4th 'crossing over' kicks off

_______________________________________________@ LJUDMILA, ljubljana
___________________________________________________________DECEMBER 9 - 23,

dear syndicalists,

the 4th mini-international festival of videoshorts CROSSING OVER will
migrate to LJUDMILA, ljubljana by the very close of this year despite all
the millennial fireworks around. CROSSING OVER is a true offspring of the
syndicate networking, originally established as an alternative educational
framework for eastern european videomakers to develop and produce
individual or collaborative videoshorts. CROSSING OVER was set up in 1996
and 1997 in sofia and moves westwards to different cities each year: novi
sad in 1998 and ljubljana 1999. in 2000 the festival will hopefully be
touring to dublin, columbus and new york.

previous crossing over artists include mary avril gillan, branka davic,
ivan mudov, saso vrabic, darij kreuh, kalin serapionov, zlatko hinki, zoran
naskovski, vesna pavlovic, krassimir terziev, odiliya yankova, elena
belova, denis neimand and others. most recently 6 of these artist's
crossing over videoworks have been selected for the launch of the global
multimedia interface on leicester square, london [] where a
state-of-the art LED screen at the height of a 4-storey building operates
24 hours a day, seven days a week as an ambitious and dynamic way of
presentation and experience of visual imaging.

through a series of invitations and calls we have received an overwhelming
number of  proposals for the postproduction of new videoshorts playing
around this year's theme of CROSSING OVER TIME. following earlier powerful
manifestations of the festival topic such as crossing over the body as a
landscape and crossing over roads and geographies this issue of CROSSING
OVER TIME is about counteracting the millennium frenzy and the grand
narrative of the digital revolution through the aesthetic of minimalism and
the genre of videoshort. for the first time crossing over finalists will be
exploring the potential of on-line film-making and designing moving images
specifically for the net.  exclusive premiere of CROSSING OVER TIME
videoshorts is scheduled within the 6th biennial video positive 2000 - the
other side of zero - which also explores the post-millennial mood of Y2K
and after.

however, for technical and temporal reasons only we are able to accommodate
9 visiting artists [see below] and up to 3 local artists [who are in
process of selection]. on-line consultancy prior to the masterworkshop is
being provided for the selected artists towards finalising the winning
proposals by:

Antal Bodóczky 			Hungary
Kai Kaljo  			Estonia
Boryana Dragoeva  		Bulgaria
Dimitrina Sevova		Bulgaria
Alla and Katia 	        	Russia
Barbara Konopka			Poland
Maria Natascha Stukoff  	Germany/Aus/UK
Zornitsa Sophia Popgantcheva   	Bulgaria

this is also an e-public note saying 'congratulations' to the selected
artists above and 'many thanks' for the proposals submitted by all the
other artists whom we would like to keep in touch with for the forthcoming
rounds of C05 and after.

traditionally the project has been supported by the cultural link programme
at open society institute, new york and facilitatetd by various local
institutions such as the regional soros centers for the arts, ljudmila,
ljubljana and fact, liverpool.

CROSSING OVER is a project curated by iliyana nedkova and produced in
collaboration with nina czegledy.

-iliyana nedkova
on behalf of CO4 curatorial team


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