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Syndicate: participation to the <fournos-culture>[mail list] works

The <fournos-culture>[mailing list] is ready. 
To subscribe post to: { HYPERLINK mailto:majordomo@fournos-culture.gr }majordomo@fournos-culture.gr and write in the 
body (not to the subject) of the e-mail: subscribe fournos-culture 
Or go to the URL http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/addfield/webmed/
to the link <fournos-C> for info. 

One of the principal attempts of the <fournos-culture> is to 
connect individuals for share new ideas, proposals and critical 
discussions for network-based projects. About the new communication 
interpersonal forms, the new ambient of the personality, i.e. the 
new performances of the identity after the net. 
The net, under the forms of the mass media communication, is 
represented in its uncontrolled character of a rhizome. What seems 
to be ignored is that the interpersonal direct communication is a 
human propellant force. The hyper-customs and hyper-languages 
connection opens us to new configurations of our old symbolical 
structures. I.e. the interpersonal direct connection is a powerful 
medium for critical threads and proposals about the forms of the 
new: subjective, social, political, and linguistic structures.

Instead of a deadline for submission of works, subscribers to the <fournos-culture>[mailing list] 
are welcome to participate with proposals, comments, and negative criticisms for new projects. 
These (eventual, and ?non finito?) projects under their open form as works-in-progress, will be 
firstly uploaded to the Mediaterra festival's site (dec.10,11,12/99).
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