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Syndicate: intermedium1 (Berlin)

intermedium is a combination of a new series of events and broadcasts to
be organised in collaboration with different partners at changing venues
as a Media Art Biennial. intermedium is a "travelling media circus".

The stimulus for intermedium comes from the medium of radio and the genre
of radio drama and it is aimed at realising and documenting projects in
conjunction with other media.

The organising partners are the broadcasting bodies within the ARD and
various cultural institutes, media centres, artistic production
facilities, theatres and publishing houses. The changing venues (Berlin,
Munich, Karlsruhe etc.) provides an opportunity to develop and present
ever new concepts for the relevant location with different partners.

intermedium stands, as an interdisciplinary cultural initiative, on two
pillars: 1. the presentation of artistic productions and reflection of
intermedia approaches and concepts (live, audio-visual, multimedia,
crossover etc.) 2. discussion of topics and concerns relevant to media
criticism and cultural policy. This dual approach should also be seen as
an interdisciplinary one: intermedium is intended to facilitate encounters
and confrontations between artists and the public. The central themes
relate to the fields of art, politics, technology and life in the
information society.

Discussion Technology and the Notion of Art

Akademie der Kuenste Berlin/Bayern2Radio
Saturday, 20.11. 16.00 h

Whether remix or computer animation: the digital revolution has
intensified the links between art and technology, rooted as they are in
the industrial revolution, and it has raised them to a new qualitative
level. The computer-aided application of artistic ideas goes hand in hand
with changed terms concerning the role of the author or artist and the
function of the work. In their present use and stage of development, the
fascinating element is not always the individual work, but occasionally
also technology itself. The networking of data media and the codability of
data, and optical and acoustic signals means that virtual realities can be
generated. Artists are, on the one hand, activists in technical change,
and on the other they depend on the software industry. The concept and
notion of art are being defined anew. Central to the discussion are the
questions of the interplay between artistic concepts and technical tools.


Douglas Kahn, Professor for media art at the Technical University of
Sydney, Australia. Main
research on the influence of technology on the avant-garde and
experimental art. Current
publication: 'Noise, Water, Meat: A History of Sound in the Arts', MIT
Press 1999 

Eleanor Selfridge-Field, Professor for music at the University of Stanford
and at the Center for
Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities, USA 

Peter Weibel, since 1999 chairman of ZKM, Zentrum fr Kunst und
Karlsruhe. Since the sixties Weibel has worked theoretically and
practically in the fields of
media art, mathematics, music and performances. Publications include 'Die
Beschleunigung der
Bilder. In der Chronokratie', Bern 1987. 'Kontext Kunst-Kunst der
neunziger Jahre', Cologne 1994

Werner Zorn, Professor for computer science at the University of
Karlsruhe, German Internet
pioneer and founder of the Internet service providers Xlink, initiator of
the teaching and research
field "music and computer science" (1987/88), collaborative management of
the DFG project
"Information Structures in Music" (1992-99) 

Kodwo Eshun, music critic and author of the book 'More Brilliant Than The
Sun. Adventures in
Sonic Fiction', London 1998; 1999 lecturer at a four-week "DJ Academy" in

David Grubbs, musician in the groups Bastro, Gastr del Sol, Red Krayola.
Label manager and
producer. Curator at 'Steirischer Herbst' (Styrian Autumn) 1999. Lecturer
in the 'Sound and
Liberal Arts Dept.' at the University of Chicago. 

Karl Bruckmaier

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