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Syndicate: VRML-ART 2000 -- Call for Entries

Please pardon any duplications -- this is a volunteer effort and we are
only concerned with getting information to you in a timely manner...KRH


The 5th web/3d VRML Conference will take place in Monterey, California
February 21-24, 2000. http://www.vr.edu/conf/web3d/

Sponsored by ACM, Siggraph, and Sigcomm in collaboration with the web 3D
Consortium, this conference is a MUST for all 3D creators, and those
devoted to the virtual 3D online environment.

For the SECOND YEAR, the VRML-ART Expo will be featured as part of the
conference.  The VRML-ART EXPO1999 at the Conference in Paderborn, Germany,
was a center of activity and creativity at the conference.  More than 50 3D
works were presented, originating from 25 countries. VRML-ART EXPO2000 will
present the newest works created by international artists, designers,
architects, scientists, and students.

DEADLINE  to submit  projects is  January 3, 2000.  Applications will be
accepted after December 13.  Questions regarding submissions should be sent
to:  Kathy Rae Huffman   <huffman@rpi.edu>

- Artists and architects
- Scientific models
- Worlds and city planning
- Avatars
- Product design and commercial applications
-Experimental works and studies by Art and design students

 Projects can be submitted as:
     - Stand alone VRML Work  - Web-based VRML Work
     - Multi-user-based VRML Work  - Multi-media VRML Work
     - Objects and Environments (in real and virtual space)

The VRML.ART Expo features the ideas and independent creations in VRML
from artists, and Web VRML design from commercial designers.  It shows
the status of  VRML based visual work done private, in companies and in

Art schools and Art departments in Universities are teaching students VRML
based visual work, commercial companies and institutions are implementing
3D objects (in their 2D Web representation) and artists are using VRML
technology to express artistic.

The VRML.ART 200 Expo will be presented online, and featured in a
Gallery installation at the Web 3D/VRML 2000 Conference.   Due to the
success of the 1999 Expo, additional locations for presentation are being
secured.  You will be asked for your permission to participate in
additional presentations

Works will be juried  by

o Karel Dudesek, Director of VGTV Laboratories, and Leading Professor of
   the Mediadepartment at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria

o Kathy Rae Huffman, Independent curator and Associate Professor of
   Electronic Art, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y.

o Melentie Pandilovski, Art Critic, Director SEAFair Festival, and Center
    of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia

Notification of acceptance to VRML-ART 2000 will sent January 24, 2000.


ENTRY FORM                            VRML-ART EXPO  2000

Primary contact name

The creative persons responsible for the 3D/VRML design and implementation
should be listed first, the sponsoring company, institute, and/or
collaborators are invited to please add their additional information at end
of form.

Primary snail mail


Primary telephone, country code:  _______ prefix:_____  number:____________

Alternate telephone

FAX ______________________

Email address   __________________________________

3D/ VRML PROJECT URL_____________________________________________________

Title of project


Online submissions:
Submission authorizes linking to your 3D site if selected. Online works
must run on a 200 MHz CPU.  Please specify CPU power, OS, Web browser and
player, which your work is tested on.

CD ROM submissions:
Please Test CD ROMS before sending, specify CPU power, OS, Web browser and
player, which your work is tested on. Works with loading problems or alert
messages will be automatically eliminated. Return of CD ROM's not


In recognition of the growing number of student sites and VRML activity,
ALL student works that load properly will be included in the special
3D/VRML-ART student gallery.  Class compilations are encouraged, with name
of professor, list of students, school and course title included.  All
student works will be accepted in a special section of the 3D/VRML-ART

Student project enquiries can be mailed to Erin Hoffman     hoffme@rpi.edu


Submit projects between December 13, 1999  - January 3, 2000 to:

Mail CD ROMS: North and South American /Asian addresses (early submission
highly encouraged):

Kathy Rae Huffman,                              huffman@rpi.edu
Arts Department
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
110 8th Street, Troy, NY   12180

Mail CD ROMS to: Europe, Arabia and Africa addresses (early submission is
highly encouraged):

Karel Dudesek                           	    dudesek@vis-med.ac.at
Ordinariat fuer Mediengestaltung
Universitaet fuer Angewandte Kunst
A-1010 Wien
Salzgries 14/3

Please continue to check http://www.vrml-art.org  for updated information,


Kathy Rae Huffman
Associate Professor of Electronic Art
Department of the Arts - DCC 135
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
110 8th Street, Troy, NY  12180-3590
phone: 518.276.2963

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