olga on Fri, 19 Nov 1999 19:15:42 +0200

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Re: Syndicate: inquiry: public loudspeaker systems?

> dear friends,> > we were discussing a project about sound in public spaces the other night> and were wondering how much truth there is to the myth that, all across> central and eastern europe, there were these 'big brother'-style> loudspeaker systems in the streets through which public announcements could> be made at any time.> > did they exist?As I know small cities around Ukraine still have such kind of public sound system. THey normally used to announce local radio news. But local news coming ussualy very rarely. So speakers ussualy translateukrainian national radio station. The main staff is discussions which going on Supreme Soviet (Verhovna Rada) sessions (it was legitimase that this sessions should be on direct ether) which made people violently "sick" of those bullshit in which they involved but politically inform about what going on in Kiev (capital) and what their deputies are discussing. Sometime some musical programm can be head from radio and for this small time people can be relax a little till next portion of bored political staff will come. I hate this speaker because all the time when I visited my parent it always was so loudy and unbearable because my parent house in the center of the town and we are just passive listeners of it. Feelings like you cannot escape it.Best, Olga