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Syndicate: RE: inquiry: public loudspeaker systems?

 There is a Yugoslav film called "Tri karte za Holivud" (three tickets to holywood). Near the end of it, there are scenes of the police beating and arresting the entire population of a village in Serbia, while the police commander does pep-talk over the powerful public loudspeaker system. The film is about times when all the police had red stars on their caps and Tito's train passing through the village was the main event for them. 
I don't remember ever hearing this system. I think it was even not used in the cities, when Tito died. Then, at a football game in Split (now Croatia), the news were read over the stadium's loudspeaker system. In my elementary school (I started it in 87), there were loudspeakers in the wall, but I remember they were used only a dozen or so times and I can't remember for what. It could had been important school announcements. Anyway, the last few times they were used, we couldn't understand anything. The loudspeakers were old and sckrewed up. Nobody wanted to install new ones. They just stopped using them after that. 


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