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Re: Syndicate: inquiry: public loudspeaker systems?


yes, you're quite right about these loudspeakers in public spaces. For
example there was a whole system of these loudspeakers in the center of
Leipzig. I forgot how they were called -- something like Stadtradio ("city
radio") or so. I remember that we wanted to re-activate them for the
Medienbiennale exhibition in 1994 which then did not work out due to
bureaucratical reasons.

>we were discussing a project about sound in public spaces the other night
>and were wondering how much truth there is to the myth that, all across

It is definitely not a myth my dear, at least not in Leipzig/GDR. Yeah, it
was used for public announcements, for news, etc. I don't know exactly
because I never listened to these loudspeakers. In my city there were no
loudspeakers (fortunately).

>did they exist?
>has anybody done research about them?
>is there any archival material about how they were (supposed to be) used?

I know that some people in Leipzig were busy with this system. Dieter
Daniels should know more about this. He actually should by now have
completed his book on the history of radio ("Kunst als Sendung"). Maybe
there are/were even people doing research.


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