Micz Flor on Thu, 11 Nov 1999 11:12:56 +0100

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Syndicate: gettoattack: austria against racism

hi syndicateers,

finally we got the english version of this text going. it would be great if
someone with spare time at thei hands could translate it to his/her native
language (hey, your chance to trick us, as we won't most likely not know
what the hell you wrote anyway ;). the rest is self explanatory, the url is:


today we have a full day of actions, tomorrow a big deomonstration. i know,
this is peanuts in the mayhem europe is going throuhg, but i thought you
might want to know...

if you want to link to our page, please use one of those:

lots of love,



Get to attack is opposed to the institutionalization of racism, sexism and
nationalism. Get to attack propagates the active consolidation of
individuals, groups and institutions with the common goal of establishing
an offensive political alternative. Get to attack is a call to action from
all those who wish not to be forced into the defensive by the 27 %
right-wing extremist Austrian voters. Get to attack stands for those who do
not want to passively linger in the 'xenophobic mob'. Get to attack
propagates a dynamic and democratic culture in which open conflict is
possible, opposed to the continual manufacturing of stereotypes by
right-wing populism. Antagonism versus populism!

We demand the enactment of a law against racism. We demand a right of
citizenship which is not born out of the myth of Austrian Blut and Boden.
Get to attack does not ask for your passport or nationality, but rather
challenges this very question. We are not demanding an extension of
privileges to an additional group, but rather questioning the seemingly
self-evident model of 'inside' and 'outside', which this kind of thinking
presupposes. 'The Austrian' exists as little as 'foreign infiltration'.

Xenophobia is not a consensus, but rather the effect of exaggerated social
conflicts which should not be tolerated with an affirmative reflex, but
rather with opposition. Whoever calls for the erection of borders
ultimately condoning ghettos, only imprisons himself. Get to attack
represents all those who will fight against any government which would lead
Austria into the muck of vindictive provincialism and international isolation.

To react to the result of the elections with cynicism, indifference or
internal emigration is the same as total political resignation. For this
reason, we are making a call to resistance against populism and against any
coalition with racism. Get to attack attacks any collaboration with the
racism, sexism and nationalism of politics driven by envy and hatred. Get
to attack now!

Micz Flor [Content Development - micz@t0.or.at]

  "When i say 1632 that means you are too close" (Swedish friend)

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