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Syndicate: "I have a dream..."

"I HAVE A DREAM..." wrote:
Are you saying that people may need to develop consistent and intelligent
theoretical strategies?
* Not theoretical - PRACTICAL.

That's pretty subversive!
* Indeed.:-)

Well, brother Aleksander, I'm afraid I have a very strong tendency to agree
with you!
* Thanks, brotha Trevor!

Concidering the simple fact that NOBODY seems to have the slightest idea what
"art" or "culture" might mean (except in an economic sense), then it seems
completely mind boggling that anybody could have any faith in them as wonder
* Oh, please don't be so sceptic. Try to be Martin Luther King and have your
dream - and don't you enjoy that beautiful vision of Arkan paramilitary
trooper sitting right next to Albanian peasant, KLA soldier hand in hand with
Serb monk, all of them enjoying contemporary theatre performance in the happy
State of Balkania?

Unfortunately, the road to hell really is paved with good intentions!
* And with lot of wasted money, my dear friend - it tends to be forgotten or

When the wall in Berlin came tumbling down, it seems it left the mental wall
still standing.
* Yes, and that's exactly the reason why I actually wonder at myself when
wasting my energy in fighting some myths. It's completely hopeless effort;
nothing will change after my messages, 'sisters and brothers' will keep
travelling around and establishing various Balkanias, and good old Europe will
be happy to give them money just to create illusion that something is done.
And who the fuck cares for the conflicts anyway?
I don't want to live in Balkania. I want to live in Balkans, imperfect as it
is, and deal with my art - low-budget cinema. And I'd like to believe that
there are people interested in my art itself, not in it as conflict resolver.
Or I'm expecting too much?

brotha Aleksandar

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