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Syndicate: Eastern and Central European Cultural Festival in London March 2000

Eastern European Circle
Network of Eastern European Professionals, Writers, Artists and Musicians
Living in West and East Europe

Contact: The Organiser, Piroska Markus
12 Bushfield House, Highbury New Park, London N5 2DD, Great-Britain
Tel: 00 44 171 226 4806

 11  - 19   of   MARCH  2000

Artists, musicians, performers and film-makers will be coming to London from
the Eastern and Central Europe. In addition, people living in England (and
in some other countries) with East or Central European origins will also

The following list includes some people who have already confirmed their
interest to participate, and some others (clearly indicated), who could not
comfirm their availability yet. We welcome suggestions of other potential
participants, especially from the countries, in which the present organisers
have no connection  (Bulgaria and Romania).


Iva Bittova and her Band (Czech Republic) - already confirmed

MCH  - Micholas Chadima and his Band (Czech Republic) - already confirmed

Quertet East, Jazz Band of Jeromir Honzak (Czech and Polish) - already

Werk (Austria) - to be confirmed

Csokolom Band (Hungary) - to be confirmed

Korom (Hungary) - to be confirmed

Lajko Felix and his Band (Yugoslavia) - confirmed

Midnight Losers (Romania) - to be confirmed

Elizabeth Fischer (Hungarian from Canada) - to be confirmed

Kroke (Poland) - to be confirmed

Pal Banda - classical cellist (Hungarian from London) - interested but might
be abroad

The Borzak Brothers - classical pianist and cellist (Hungary) - already

We have successfully made an arrangement with Spitz Music Club in London.
They are going to be the venue of all the above rock and folk music
programmes, and they are inviting Kroke from Poland and Jo Townsend's Band
(from England) to play together with the other bands on the 18th of March
(2000) at their friendly  and lively venue.

On the 11th of March a big mixed (rock and folk-inspired) music concert will
take place at the Camden Centre, which is already booked. Some of the
musicians will also play on concerts in other towns, Cardiff, Edinburgh and
Oxford concerts are being negotiated at the moment.


Petr Vasa (Czech Republic) - One Person Performer, Physical Poetry - to be

Gyorgy Kozma (Hungary) - Writer and One Person Performer - already confirmed

Katalin Ladik (living in Hungary but originally from ex-Yugoslavia) - Writer
and One Person  Performer - to be confirmed

The Theatre space of  Jackson Lane Community Centre has already been booked
for the one-person show of Gyorgy Kozma, taking about 140 people. The Studio
of the Union Chapel Project in Highbury will be another venue, taking 220
people. The Director of the beautiful and intimate venue of  Theatro
Technics, the Cypriot Greek Theatre has expressed an interest in the
festival, but it is not certain if the theatre space will be available.


Jan Svankmajer films - (Czech World famous Director) - confirmed

Pietr Dumala, Short films - (Polish, Warsaw) - already confirmed

Aleks Lech Film Director, Writer, Theatre Designer (Anglo-Polish) -  already

Polish Animations by a variety of film-makers - the names of the
participants have not definitely been confirmed yet

Animation films by Agnes Hay (England, originally from Hungary) - already

Marianne Kiss - Film Director (Berlin, originally from Hungary) - already


Andrzej Borkowski, painting, photographs, installations (Polish, living in
London) - already confirmed

Ivon D'Evan, multi-media artist (Czech, living in London) - already

Ferdinand Koci, Paintings (Albanian-Romani living in London) - already

Dragana Mikovich, Paintings (Serbian, living in London) -  already confirmed

Anna Paczuska, Litho Pictures (London, Polish origins) - already confirmed

Poppy Szaybo, Photographer (Polish from London - to be confirmed

Balazs Kicsiny, Space-specific Installations (London, Hungarian origin) -
already confirmed
Amaryllis Tamas, Photographer, Writer, Journalist (Hungary) - already

Agnes Hay, Animation film-maker and Artist (London, originally from Hungary)
- already confirmed
Karoly Bohus, Painter (Hungary) - already confirmed

Janos Szaboszlay - Art Curator and the Director of the Contemporary Art
Institution in Dunaujvaros ( Hungary), is asked to bring an exhibition of
young artists -  already confirmed

'Homelandlessness - II.'   Children's paintings and drawings from
Ex-Yugoslavia. We are hiring the material  which was collledted and
exhibited by the Children's International Art Centre (London). They showed
the pictures in June 1999 in their venue at the O2 Centre on Finchley Road,
with the title 'Homelandlessness'. - already confirmed

Members of the Nagy Family from Etyek, Hungary: 2 parents, 8 children, and
(most of the)
32 grandchildren are involved in a variety of crafts and arts: pottery,
furniture and play-ground creation, painting, textile, music instruments,
dollies and toys made from plants and natural materials.


Barbara Krzworzycka's writings - in memory of her recent death - confirmed
with M. Jakubowski

Eva Forrai - Poetry and Prose (published under the name of Piroska Ber),
(London, Hungarian) - already confirmed

Anna Freewald - Poetry (15 years old Hungarian, from London) - already

Piri Markus - Prose (London, Hungarian) - already confirmed
This list is not complete, we have received many suggestions and we are
still approaching potential participants.

network of professionals, artists, musicians, film-makers, writers, actors
and academics, researchers, and anyone else interested to particiapte. It is
a London-based but international organisation, which has already organised a
conference on Eastern European mental health issues, and at the same time a
small cultural festival in June 1999 in London. The material of the event is
going to be published in the near future. Four of the artists, who exhibited
their work during the festival, have been invited to participate in other
exhibitions in London and in Brussels.

The organisation has also organised an Alternative Health Therapies Workshop
(January 2000 at Jackson Lane Community Centre) where Eastern European
practitioners will talk about their work, with opportunities to try out
some. To check the date, and to book tickets phone or e-mail Piroska Markus
(details on the 1st page letter-head).
£4 for unemployed (or low-waged), £8 for people with normal earning.
However, for members of the Eastern european Circle, tickets are half-price.
Come early, and have lunch in the Vegetarian Restaurant. The community
Centre is just opposite Highgate Tube Station, on Archway Road.


*	Naturally, first and foremost we need MONEY. A breakdown of the
projected expenses can be made available, on request. We have to pay for the
travel and accommodation expenses of many artists and musician, and also
give them a decent fee for their performance.

*	We are looking for MAIN SPONSORS - whose names we could put on every
piece of the advertisement for the festival. The details of the festival
will be also available on an already existing English language web-site
which is published weekly, and already includes a listings of cultural
events in London which has relevance for East Europe. The web-site is read
weekly by about 2500. Sponsors's names will be published on the website, and
within the programme booklets.
*	Advertising opportunity: people, firms, businesses looking for
advertising possibility should contact as soon as possible the organisers.
In our programme book, we will carry pages of advertisements paid by
businesses e.g. airlines, travel agencies, book and food shops etc who would
pay the normal fee (£150 - £200 per page). Prices are negotiable.

*	Other ways to help: Organising in London and networking and
fund-raising in Eastern European countries

*	Media: articles before and after the event, TV and Radio coverage

*	Join the Eastern European Circle - your small membership fee (£3,
£5, £10 per year according to means) will help our financies. The more
people join, the more likely it is that we can get Charity registration, and
funding from public bodies, such as the Millenium Fund, Visiting Arts,
Councils etc. If we get funding from these bodies, we can keep the ticket
prices low. Members pay less for every event, plus they can buy our
fortcoming publications for reduced price. They will also be the first to
get information (by post or by E-mail) about any event organised not only by
the official organisers of the circle, but also by any member of this small
but growing international network, connecting people in several countries.


We are in the process of approaching the Millennium Fund (England) and the
Visiting Arts Board (England) for major financial support. We are also
registering as a Charity.

We are also approaching all major Airlines and Travel Companies for
sponsorship, and/or advertising (for the usual fee) in our programme book.
In addition, we are approaching other businesses and companies for
contribution, including member firms/businesses attached to the British
Chamber of Commerce with interest in East Europe.


The East European Trade Council (London) has agreed to advertise the
Festival - free of charge - in their bi-monthly Bulletin, in order to find
businesses interested to offer sponsorship or use it as an advertising
The Director of the Czech Cultural Centre agreed to pay for the expenses
involved in bringing to England Iva Bittowa's Band (five people), plus their
accommodation fees. The Director of the Bosnian Institute is considering to
pay for the tickets and accommodation expenses of a few performers who would
be recommended by them. The Assistant Director of the Hungarian Cultural
Centre expressed moral support for the festival, and in time they will be
writing a letter to confirm their support. The Director of the Hungarian
Airlines, MALEV had agreed to offer spcial discount for the
performers/musicians coming to participate in the festival. A Free-lance
Polish Journalist expressed interest to interview the organiser. An English
Film-Critic has agreed to include the details of the festival on the
cultural listings on an Central European Web-site, read by about 2500 people
every week. The Albanian Embassy's Cultural Representative offered help. The
Austrian Cultural Institute and various Polish organisations and  the
Bosnian-Hercegovian Embassy also expressed an interest, but the organiser
had not yet found the time to meet them.


We are asking airlines to offer cut-price tickets  (or free tickets!) for
the major participants of the Festival.
(MALEV already agreed to offer maximum discount). The Chair-Man of the Czech
Rusoliaturist Travel Agency has agreed to negotiate cheap travel for
participants, inc. cheap van/mini bus for the Czech musicians, and also
advertising in the video programme of their regular coaches.


We are trying to make a deal with a few hotels to offer cut price
accomodation, and we are approaching a few hotels and Bed and Breakfasts,
which are run by Eastern Europeans. We have already talked to the owners of
a small hotel, run by a Hungarian couple, who charges only £12 per day for

Piroska Markus, London: Secretary of the Eastern European Circle,
Co-ordinator of the network and the festival, securing venues, fund-raising
and publicity

Romek Hanzlik, Prague: Agent of several music groups, and organiser of music
festivals - he is organasing the Czech participation, plus local publicity
and local fundraising

Ferdinand Koci: Adviser on Albanian contacts

Csilla Szenthe: Local fundraising (Hungary)

Edith Bernath: Local Publicity (Hungary)

Alex Lech, London: Adviser on Polish contacts (Performers, Film-makers,

Chris Berry: Trustee of the Eastern European Circle (London, University
Lecturer in Marketing)

Zsuzsa Ivak: Adviser on Equal Opportunities, Access and on issues concerning
people with disabilities

Anna Freeward: Youth Link of the Eastern European Circle and for the

Pirli Galfalvi : Chair of the Eastern European Circle

Nadia Ramon: Membership Secretary of the Eastern European Circle

Eva Forrai: Adviser on Literary programmes, Professional Interpreter and

Geoff Rowy: Manager of Spitz Club, and Organiser of the music event of the
festival in Spitz Club on the 18th of March 2000

Culture and Policy Department
The Felix Meritis Foundation
Keizersgracht 324
1016 EZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel:         + 31 20 6262321
Fax:        + 31 20 6249368

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