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Syndicate: Fw: Baltic states/10 years after the Fall of the Berlin Wal

From: "Michiel van der Haagen" <>
Subject: Fw: Baltic states/10 years after the Fall of the Berlin Wal
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 10:51:43 +0100
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From: Marta van der Haagen <>

> I would like to invite you for the presentation of a web-site
> about the cultural situation of the Baltic states, with special
> guest Carl Biorsmark from Latvia who will present the Borderland
> project.
> This week De Balie - Centre for Culture and Politics
> in Amsterdam, is organizing a series of public programs
> about the state of Europe 10 years after the disintegration of
> the Iron Curtain and the fall of the Berlin Wall. As a prelude to
> this program called 'burengeruchten' ('through the grape vine'),
> three web designers were sent out to carefully selected centers
> in the periphery of Central and Eastern Europe, to investigate
> and report on the local cultural dynamics and artistic energies of
> those places.
> The presentation of the first report and resulting web-site
> is on Wednesday November the 3rd at 20.00 in "de Kleine Zaal"
> in De Balie.
> <>
> I choose to travel to the Baltic states because these are
> the countries of which I already had some knowledge. Over fifteen
> days of traveling, I spent five days in each country.
> >From the Western point of view it is now 10 years after
> the Fall of the Berlin Wall, but for countries like Estonia,
> Latvia and Lithuania that used to be part of the Soviet Union
> the real memorable date is 1991 when they declared independence.
> This illustrates a larger complex of misunderstandings. "The Baltic
> states" are in fact three completely different countries with each
> a different language, religion and cultural background.
> To avoid Western clichés as much as possible I gave the voice to
> the many interesting people I met. You will find real audio files
> with the interviews on the web-site.
> Carl Biorsmark and Kristine Briede are working on a project that
> is both a web-site and a documentary film. The project tells
> the personal stories of people that live in an area where new borders
> suddenly appeared. Now people that were close friends and relatives
> need visa's to meet each other. It helps us to realize that the
> disintegration of the Iron Curtain ten years ago also created
> new borders elsewhere.
> I hope to see you on Wednesday,
> kindly yours,
> Marta van der Haagen
> Burengeruchten: <>
> Borderland project: <>
> * "A film about Those who left and The ones who are coming.
>    A film about Us."
> * "It's a God's gift 2 B right here, right now. In 10 years time
>    everything will be just as boring as in the West..."
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, 1017 RR Amsterdam,

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