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Syndicate: Bueno: Designing the Future State of Balkania #1

Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 16:34:43 +0200
From: Arthur Bueno <>
Subject: Designing the Future State of Balkania #1

Sixteen people gather this week in the Temporary Media Lab at the
Kiasma-museum in Helsinki, a spin-off of the syndicate meeting in Budapest,
23-25 April this year. The ambitious goal: Designing the Future State of
Balkania: the 
establishment of an alternative to the fractured and hostile patchwork of 
countries and nations of the Balkan region. This state will have no
but will be a state of mind. It will be rooted in people's imaginings of the 
future, and will act as an immediate realisation of those imaginations -
true to 
the old Balkanian principle that, 'Simulation of the process leads to its 

Artists and critics predominantly from the Balkanian region will set up this 
future state for the Balkan area that will move anywhere between comment,
parody or utopia. Liberated from the time factor they are free to generate
futures or re-invent histories. The path of Balkanisation taken to the
extreme will be examined for positive potential in areas of politics and

You are invited during the following days to visit, to witness this process and participate by 
providing us with comments, texts, images, or future scenarios for the
or just hang out in our freshly opened coffee-house.

We?ll keep y

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