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Syndicate: Bunevska: Invitation

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 12:07:40 +0200
From: Kalina Bunevska <>

The Center for Contemporary Art - Skopje, Macedonia
cordially invites You to attend the opening of the exhibition

Slavica Janeslieva

Wednesday, 20.10.1999, 8 p.m.
CIX Gallery 
(Orce Nikolov 109)

"The associative perception of clouds as figures, astrology and the
fictional 'nebomantija' (the presumed 'reading' of the future by
observation of clouds) are, in an unusual way, interwoven and blended in
Slavica Janeslieva`s most recent project. The spectator of the
installation is expected to interact indirectly, i.e. to identify with
the artist, to make an attempt at perceiving and recognizing the same
figures and, at the same time, to consider the irrational methods of
predicting the future which are no part of the everyday life of the
rationally bred West-centric intellectual..." - Suzana Milevska, art

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