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Syndicate: New Readings of the Icon

  New Readings of the Icon

  Brand new book by Center for Contemporary Arts Belgrade and Geopoetika  
  publishing house. Edited by Dejan Sretenovic.

  "New Readings of the Icon" is a collection of theoretical essays on the
  broader relations of contemporary culture to the phenomenon of the
  Byzantine icon. These relations are not taken literally, as an 
  investigation into Byzantine culture, but as significant stimuli for 
  theoretical interpretations of the impact of this tradition to the
  overall status of the imagery in contemporary culture and systems
  of representations.The notion of the icon is not treated solely within
  the scope and influence of Byzantine tradition and Orthodox religion, but
  also witihin diffuse semiotic positioning of iconic signs, their role in
  modern and contemporary art as well as in political representations and

  The book offers an "alternative" theoretical viewpoints to the one of the
  Serbian nationalist revival which is governing the cultural space in Serbia
  in the last ten years. Therefore, the intention of the book is to show
  plurality of aspects and meanings of the icon and iconicity in order to
  counter one hegemonistic and narrowed sense which has been pushed forward
  by Serbian traditionalists.

  The contributors of the book are renowned art historians, theoreticians,
  artists, writers and social anthropologists from Yugoslavia and abroad. 

  Dejan Sretenovic: New Readings of the Icon
  Branislav Dimitrijevic: Icon, Iconicity, Iconoclasm
  Stephen Bahn: Maurice Denis and the Byzantine Roots of Modern Painting
  Jovan cekic: Installation View
  Branimir Stojanovic: The Reverse Perspective and Voyerism: Florensky/Hitchcock 
  Branislava Andjelkovic: The Mother of God as Machine
  Sreten Ugricic: How to do things with Icons?
  Kathrin Becker: The Official Body in Commmunism: Lenin
  Bojana Pejic: "Tito" or the Iconisation of the Representation
  Mileta Prodanovic: New Forms of Desecration
  Jean Louis Schefer: Dracula, Bread and Blood
  Glen Bowman: Contemporary Christian Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 

  Serbian edition is out of print and the Englisih edition to follow by
  the end of the year.

  Dejan Sretenovic
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