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Syndicate: SORRY: ASPEKT Message On Sexism in txt forma

Dear Syndicalists,
so sorry for sending you the Jana Juranova's ASPEKT message with an
attachment. I've got a nasty virus that runs around here and didn't
think straight when forwarding directly the ASPEKT message.


        Tue, 19 Oct 1999 07:53:58 +0100
        "ASPEKT" <>

Dear Friends and Colleagues.

I am, sending you the attachments called Breiner.doc and Breiner.rtf
This is my translation of the part of the text written in Slovak
language by Peter Breiner, Slovak musician living in
Canada. The text was published in the weekly Domino-Forum.
The author of this text is writing regularly for the weekly called
Domino-Forum, which is very "democratic" medium. He
has regular column there, which is very often very sexist. Recently he
wrote on the topic of rape. This text is so
terrible, that I decided to translate it to English. Mr. Breiner would
never dare to publish such text in Canada, where is
he living now, or in USA, or elsewhere.
I am sending the txt in the attachment to all Universities, Mr. Breiner
is offending by his arguments.
There are many attacks on feminism and  women's human rights in mass
media here in Slovakia. The authors of these attacks
seems to be very human democrats. I think it is important to know this.

If you are interested in more information on this topic, contact me.
Jana Juranova
feminist cultural magazine Aspekt
Mytna 38
811 07 Bratislava
phone/fax: 00421 7 52494574
Slovak Republic
If it seems to somebody, that I exaggerate it with feminism in my writings,
it is not true. They exaggerate it and a lot of. Peggy Kimzey, a shop
assistant in a cheap business center, bent forward so deep, that it was
possible to see inside her - to her throat. Her boss just said: ?So, now I
know at what place I will put my screwdriver..." The jury adjudged to the
shop assistant 50 millions US Dollars for the sufferings (according to
nowadays exchange rate this is 2 017 400 000 Slovak crowns). There is a lot
of such verdicts in America in the last years. I would like not to be extra
optimistic, but perhaps, with the new millennium also new wave of
antifeminism will come.
In America feminism took into the life surprising newness, for example, the
same as during communism, officially needed and supported denouncements.
Such institution as the Harvard University has in its Moral Code the duty
to announce prohibited sexual intercourse, because, in other case, you will
be punished as if you have commit it (this intercourse). It is needles to
say, that nobody knows, what is in fact allowed and what is prohibited, and
so, for sure, punished is everything, what is announced by somebody. For
this purpose a term date rape came into existence. This means the rape,
which has no signs of rape, except that the injured person would proclaim,
that it was the rape. It starts to be as a rule, usually after some time
from the act itself, when the woman all of a sudden recalls, that what has
been originally just the normal sex, can be seen as the rape. She is
supported by the hysteria in mass media and at universities, as well as a
lot of booklets and billboards, such as for example: "Remember at six
women, who are very close to you - one of them will be raped this year!" In
handbooks is written: rape is every sexual act, in which the level of
desire of both partners is not of the same intensity (Cornell University);
a man needs the explicit agreement of the female part of the couple for
every escalation of the sexual act, as for example, for striping of the
parts of the clothes, for continuing from kissing to lips to kissing to
other parts of a body, and similar (Antioch University); and they are
warning as well, that the idiotic studs tend to account such kind of the
behavior of women, as, e.g. if women are drunken, or if women are
provocative striping of and if women are provocative behaving themselves,
or if women come into the toilette for men, as the sexual appeal (Center
for rapes, Santa Monica).
Every victim is very much discussed in mass media, regardless of how absurd
it is. A young lady from Columbia University proclaimed, that when she
carefully started to thing about the problem, how many times she had a
penis in her against her own will, she came to the number 594. It is a pity
she did not put the case on a trial. If this case would judge the same jury
as above and the above jury should inflict the damages and we multiply the
sum by the number of rapes, the result is, that a special one organ can
liquidate not only the American President, but the whole American economy.
And the organ would not be the Congres.
Toronto, October 3rd, 1999

Peter Breiner

A part of the article Writings on a Maple Leaf published in the weekly
Domino-Forum, October 7 - 13, 1999, Bratislava.

The author is musician, he emigrated to Canada in mid 90-ies. He is writing
regularly to the weekly Domino-Forum, many times on the topic of feminism,
sexual harassment, rape.

The translation from Slovak to English: Jana Juránová
editor of the feminist cultural journal Aspekt
The translation is only informative

address of the office of the weekly Domino-Forum:
Klemensova 12
811 09 Bratislava
phone: 00421 7 52920649, 52920650
fax: 00421 7 52967788
Editor in chief: ?tefan Hríb
Editor: Ján ?trasser
(till recently Editor in Chief: Milan ?imecka)

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