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Syndicate: Urban Agency - Urban Strategies, Rotterdam, 1 - 5 November 1999

A cooperation by V2_Organisation / Zaal De Unie / Knowbotic Research

Urban Agency - Urban Strategies

Zaal De Unie, Rotterdam, 1 - 5 November 1999

Urban Agency - Urban Strategies

The lecture series will concentrate on the changes that take place in a
city, or 'the urban', under the influence of new technologies. Production,
transportation, distribution, communication, etc., radically change the
economic, cultural and political structures and flows. The city is no
longer seen as an architectural whole, but as a field of intersecting
layers and processes. The lecture series will approach this subject by way
of five different topics, one for each evening. The central question of the
series is to what extend new technologies facilitate new possibilities for
acting and intervening in urban situations. Besides analyses of urban
planning, economic, cultural and social changes in the city, the series
raises the question of the 'rooms for manoeuvre' (speelruimte, latitude)
and the instruments through which the inhabitants can take their influence
on urban processes.

Project coordination: Andreas Broeckmann, V2_Organisatie <>
For further information, check:


The Urban Agency - Urban Strategies series of lectures has the following

Monday, 1st November:		Introduction: Urban Tendencies
Tuesday, 2nd November:		Public Agency
Wednesday, 3rd November: 		New Economy
Thursday, 4th November:		Immaterial Labour
Friday, 5th November:			Connective Tools

Programmes start at 20.30 hrs. Entrance fee: fl 12,50 / 10,00.
Location: Zaal De Unie, Mauritsweg 35, Rotterdam
(exception: Wed. 3 Nov. at Goethe Institut Rotterdam, Westersingel 9)

*Urban Tendencies* includes a presentation of the plans that
V2_Organisation is developing under this title for its project in 2001, and
a audio-visual presentation of the projects by Knowbotic Research, placing
an emphasis on the IO_Dencies series.
Participants: Alex Adriaansens, Andreas Broeckmann (V2_Organisation,
Rotterdam), Christian Hübler, Yvonne Wilhelm (Knowbotic Research, Köln)

*Public Agency* raises the question of public space as a site of action and
intervention. What are the old and the new spaces that allow for acting 'in
public', and what kinds of action constitute these new 'public spaces'?
What are the cultural strategies for appropriating these spaces?
Participants: Jeanne van Heeswijk (artist, NL), Kristin Feireiss (NAi,
D/NL), Frédéric Migayrou (philosopher, F).

*New Economy* is based on the assumption that new technologies create a new
cultural economy and a new social aesthetics. The transformation of the
public domain brings about a redefinition of politics, of citizenship, and
of the subject who has to invent new forms of agency and participation.
Participants: Bert van Meggelen (architectural theorist, director of RCH
2001, NL), Henk Oosterling (philosopher, NL), Michael Hardt (philosopher,

*Immaterial Work* describes forms of labour that are not based on
established notions of production, but on actions which precede the
production of goods and which allow for the evolvement of social relations,
modes of living and of subjectivation. The evening discusses the hypothesis
that there is a broad and significant shift towards 'immaterial' forms of
labour, and addresses its potential social, political and philosophical
Participants: Maurizio Lazzarato (political scientist, I/F), Hans-Ulrich
Reck (art theorist, D), Ido Verhagen (political scientist, De Balie, NL)

Connective Tools are the tools of communication and artistic creation that
are based on network technologies. They enable new forms of collaboration
with their own, specific artistic forms. The evening will address the
cultural and the aesthetic potentials of such new interfaces and the role
that artists are playing in the development of interfaces that go beyond
the functional and the useful.
Participants: John Thackara (design theorist, NVI, UK/NL), Siegfried
Zielinski (media historian, director KHM Köln, D), Michiel Schwarz
(cultural theorist, NL)

*IO_Dencies Rotterdam* - The lecture series is closely connected to a
workshop, which will be organized during the same week in cooperation with
the V2_Lab. During this workshop, the artist group Knowbotic Research
(Köln/D) will do research for their project I0_Dencies - Questioning
Urbanity. This is a long-term art project in which new technological models
are sought for discourse of and the interaction with 'the urban'. Earlier
versions of the project have been realized in Sao Paolo, Tokyo, Venice and
Duisburg. (URL: The workshop and the lecture series will
be a starting point for the Tendencies project that Knowbotic Research will
develop for 2001, Rotterdam Cultural Capital of Europe.

The lecture series and the workshop are organized as a part of the cultural
exchange program Kunst.NRW.NL - a cultural exchange project between
Nordrhein-Westfalen and the Netherlands.

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