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Syndicate: Armenia Fund Telethon 99 on

Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 14:00:31 +0000
From: "Armenian Radio" <>
To: "Owner Syndicate" <>
Subject: Armenia Fund Telethon 99 on

Armenian radio tries to reflect the lifestyle and the standard of the
Armenian Diaspora and culture. It also complies with the need of
socio-political and economic developments of the Armenian people in
homeland. We are politically aware, socially responsive, and
culturally entertaining and interesting. We combine all radio elements,
from music to presentation to production to give the listener a
station that reflects a variety of Armenian tastes and interests. Our
purpose is to broadcast the Armenian culture, air contemporary
Armenian events and developmental projects, and offer a cozy station to all
Armenians wherever they may be.

In this connection, Armenian radio will broadcast live the upcoming Armenia
Fund, Inc. Telethon 1999.  Scheduled for Thanksgiving
Day, November 25, the Telethon will air from 9am to 8pm PST. The proceeds
of this Telethon will construct the North-South Highway
in Karabagh. Our listeners worldwide are provided with this unique 
opportunity to join the Telethon on our site, enjoy
the entire program, live for eleven hours, and make pledges electronically.

This event is another opportunity for our worldwide listeners to connect
and, more importantly, to participate directly in building our
state. Armenian radio is very proud of the opportunity that it offers its
audience in relation to the state-building activities. After all, we
feel that this event is part of our effort to fill the void for every
Diaspora individual who wants to be in touch with contemporary
Armenian events and developments.

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