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Subject: proclamation from reporter
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 22:02:25 +0100
From: Perica Vucinic <>

Yugoslav Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs imposed a ban on import of
the Reporter magazine into the country. The Ministry delivered its
decision to the general distributor of Reporter in the FRY Data Press,
referring to the article 257, item 2 of the Law on general
administrative procedure.
IT is about clause pursuant to which Granter of license (in this case
license for import) can revoke given license in the event of acquiring
more information which can influence altering of decision.
Three weeks ago the entire circulation of the Reporter weekly intended
for the readers in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was confiscated at
the checking point Raca on the border between the FR Yugoslavia and
Bosnia and Herzegovina.
THE head office of the Reporter magazine is in Banjaluka, Republika
Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The authorities did not proclaim the Reporter magazine the enemy No. 1
among the printed media by accident.
Considering the present circumstances in Yugoslavia  Reporter has
attained a respectable circulation of 15.000 which had been sold for
virtually 24 hours.
Rapid success on the market is understandable by the readers' letters
which are coming to the office every day. Those letters most often
express support and advice as to how to evade predictable repressive
measures of the authorities and they extremely seldom contain arguments
against the editorial policy of the magazine or certain articles.
Reporter has entered the Yugoslav market uncorrupted, without painful
experience of censorship imposed by the state and without painful
consequences which it impressed on the Serbia's information space.
THE readers accepted the Reporter magazine as a printed media they can
identify with and that was a sign which signaled the authorities to
start with repressive action.
Reporter does not have the right to give up and such a thing does not
occur to it.
Simultaneously, Reporter does not have the right to ruin itself in a
headlong assault and leave its readers in the lurch.
Struggle for unimpeded flow of information is a hard one and requires
persistence which we have, courage which we have proved, enthusiasm
which is characteristic of us from the first day.
WE are positive that we also have intellectual abilities to find the
most favourable modus to return to the Yugoslav market.
WE also need your help.
Assure us that we are not alone.

Editorial staff of the Reporter magazine
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