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Syndicate: <fwd> Message from Frankfurt ? Airport blockad

Message from Frankfurt ? Airport blockade

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"In the early morning of 15 October 1999, we blocked the Frankfurt
airport by 
hanging large bunches of air balloons, wrapped in aluminum foil, all
the airport. With these 150-meter high ?agitators? hanging in the entry
exit ports of the runways, we protest against the everyday reality of 
deportations at the Frankfurt airport.

With our action, we associate ourselves to the Europe-wide, anti-racist 
action day against the EU Summit in Finland, which specifically deals
the EU migration and asylum politics and is taking place in Tampere on
October. At this Summit, heads of government and foreign ministers will 
develop and institutionalise ?Fortress Europe?.

Frankfurt airport is a central part of the deportation machinery of the 
Federal Republic of Germany. More than 10,000 refugees and migrants are 
deported here every year. Kola Bankole (died in 1994) and Aamir Ageeb
in 1999) had to pay their resistance against deportation with their
none of their murderers were brought to justice!

Solidarity with those under threat of deportation and the illegalised 
refugees and migrants!

Immediate abolition of the internment prison in Frankfurt airport!

Noone is illegal! Open borders for everybody!"
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