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Syndicate: ArtSci99 Symposium in NYC........ Nov.13-14, 1999

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 15:11:20 -0400
From: "Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)" <>
Subject: ArtSci99 Symposium in NYC........  (((Nov.13-14, 1999 

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a symposium produced by Art and Science Collaborations, Inc.

November 13-14, 1999
(Saturday - Sunday)
The Great Hall, Cooper Union
New York, NY
9:00 AM - 6:15 PM

The turn of this millennium finds a will to integrate, merge, and
collaborate - to bring unity to the various expressions of life - including
art, science, and the humanities.  But how do people find oneanother?

SCIENTISTS:  Have you ever wanted to collaborate with a musician, visual
artist, writer, etc. on a project of shared inspiration?  Some artists are
making music from DNA code, creating 3-D digital visualizations of protein
molecules, writing plays about AIDS, etc.  With over 50,000 professional
artists, New York City is the right place for such an event!   1/3 of our
Event Program has been specifically designed to enhance personal meeting
(including small Break-Out Sessions and Breakfast Socials).

ARTISTS:  Have you ever wanted to collaborate with a geo-physicist on an
underwater environmental art project, a bio-ethicist on a Broadway play of
socio-political import, have the opportunity to meet people like an Emmy
Award-winning science producer of shows like NOVA, hear a neuro-scientist
speak about switching back and forth between careers in both art and
science, hear about the development of a unique art-sci curriculum for
model educational programs, or be there as directors of new
multi-disciplinary research programs at universities "search" for new
talent for their group?

HUMANITIES:  ArtSci99 will inspire, inform, and provide the opportunity to
make new contacts for facilitating your next art-sci book, article, play,
public art project, interdisciplinary educational cirriculum, TV
documentary, or help in your search for outstanding new talent for an
up-coming conference,  your corporation or university.

The mission of ARTSCI'99 is to create a formal vehicle that will nurture
art-science collaborations for the next century.  Models of "modern-day
Leonardos", the new paradigm of *artist-scientist research teams*, panels
on timely issues, and small group Break-Out Sessions posing provocative
questions will be presented.  Keynotes are by:  Dr. Laurence Smaje, the
Director of the "Sci-Art" progam of the Wellcome Trust (London), one of the
few institutions commissioning such collaborations
(, and Dr. France Cordova, the first woman to hold
the position of Chief Scientist at NASA, and now is the Vice Chancellor for
Research at the University of California at Santa Barbara... and mastermind
of their "Research Across Disciplines" Program. 

Program Details & Registration:    

Pre-Registration ends October 15th.  
***Airlines have just cut ticket prices by 1/3 for "Fall Sale" till
October 1st. Hotel suggestions can be found at the event web-segment. 

If you or your professional organization/institution would like to become
a *Sponsor*, *Partner* or purchase a *Resource Table* (for your promo
materials),  visit the event web-segment for details or call 718 816-9796.

This 2nd annual ARTSCI Symposium is co-produced by the Adult Education
Program of The Cooper Union and is sponsored by LEONARDO Journal, ARTBYTE
Magazine, and PROXIMA/ Theatrical Supplies & Services.  For 11yrs, ASCI has
been creating innovative public programming that highlights the
intersection of art & science and has become an important locus for
outstanding art-sci talent. ;

ASCI's Advisory Board includes the following scientists:  George
Whitesides, noted professor/ research scientist in chemistry at Harvard
University;  Nadrian Seeman, "father of DNA nanotechnology",New York
University, NYC; A. Michael Noll, Bell Labs pioneer in computer art,
professor of Communications at USC; and Roger Malina, astro-physicist and
Editor of LEONARDO Journal.  (came from the success of last year's

The ASCI  BULLETIN is a monthly email listing of events, resources,
opportunities, information pertaining to the eclectic field of art &
technology (and includes artists inspired by pure science)... It's a
benefit of ASCI membership. ***Send an email and we will send you a
Complimentary Copy.
Please Post to appropriate Lists & Calendars :)
Please accept our apologies for cross-postings!

Cynthia Pannucci
Founder/Director of ASCI
(11 yrs.of service to field of art/sci/technology)
New York City  (718) 816-9796

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