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Syndicate: Re:CNN

	Mihajlo said:

>They often lie about what they are reporting about, but more significantly
they keep back information that >would allow you to link the info you have
into something that makes sence.

	I think what they do is keeping "back" important information.  However I
see a more important matter here. Why they never talk about how many people
dies every day in Latinamerica because of poverty? They preffer to talk
about the bigest building in the world that will be constructed in Sao
Paulo, Brazil. Or in other cases they like to inform us about the FMI
(International Monetary Found) exigences to give us some money.... Or they
talk about Microsoft and the boring Mr. Bil Gates in front of the US
Congress.... or they preffer to talk about the Pinochet case that is
something important for Chile and not for all of us (Remember that Chile is
just one more Southamerican country).

	We (and consequently U2) have a lot of things to be worry about. We are
worry about what is going on in Colombia. Because I personally think that
Colombian goverment is an irresponsible goverment since they are giving the
chance (to the FARC, ELN guerrillas) to come and make what ever they want
in Ecuadorian territory (they are not making a strong control at the
Colombian goverment should be more careful about this, because Ecuadorians
are not going just to wait... We do not want the guerrilla in Ecuador....

Do you know that more than a week ago a group of people (fron Belgium,
Spain, Canada...) was kidnaped in the frontier of Ecuador and Colombia?. A
guy from Spain, that was liberated, said that this is an Ecologist
revolucionary group  ....I see this as the most dirty argument used by the
narcoguerrilla... just to justify a delincuencial fact.

I know most people from this list come from Europe and countries like
Russia and others, that is why I like sometimes to introduce something
about what is going on here in Latinamertica.
Do you agree with globalization? If your answer is "yes" then you will be
very interested in what  happens here in Ecuador (or maybe you and the
others should be interested).

Something more: CNN and other cable news never talk about Latinamerican
Culture. They always prefer talk about an exhibition of Picasso that
happens in England, or things like that.... Of course, they like "La Vida
Loca" ....and US films ....and Madonna.....
What kind of information is this? What kind of answer they want? Maybe they
just want to neutralize some minds. Maybe they want to make us want nothing!!?

I do not expect to have the CNN talking about Ecuador day and night every
day, but I want to see that we are part of the world also. Like any other
country or Continent!

Why CNN or other companies prefer to wait until war is up to talk or say
something about something?

The Colombian situation is something to talk about... I really mean! If
someone from Colombia is in this list, please say something... More
information could be grateful!

	Finally I would like to point this: Latinamerica is living the most, the
biggest crisis. This is an economical, political and cultural crisis. We
are not having a war (yet), but we have present something maybe more
dangerous. Something with maybe more terrible consequences.

Poor people in Ecuador is not very poor yet. In Brazil for example children
are living under the streets with the rats and trash....
In Ecuador they still have the chance to use the stairs as little homes....

And what happens with Art? that is something to talk about!


Damian Toro

Independent Artists

TeleFax.: 593-2-898289 / 897972
Po Box.: 17-07-8983
Quito - Ecuador-
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