Arthur Bueno on Fri, 01 Oct 1999 22:54:26 +0200

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Re: Syndicate: U$ attack on Belgrade + moral skitzophrenia

From: "Gordan Paunovic" <>
Subject: Re: Syndicate: U$ attack on Belgrade + moral skitzophrenia
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 15:52:13 GMT

sorry for jumping into your stream of (un)consciousness
but you should really clarify this:

>B2-92 is under the heaviest fascist censorship of news and other 
> >programmes that it has ever suffered. The real censorship is comming >not 
>from Milosevic's regime, but from a Holandese corporation and >the Soros 

this is the XXXXX time that your are bitching B92 (i.e B2-92) - with no 
single proof for your words. i know it is very fashionable these days but 
you have crossed the line of decency long time ago.

i've stood still, reading your frustrations for months, but not all the 
followers of this list realize what bunch of non-sense you are pouring here 
for months.

or maybe serbian secret police has finally heard of syndicate, nettime etc. 
your letters sounds exactly like they are made by the same ghost-writers as 
those that have been read in the central RTS news for 10 years. no single 
word of difference between your remarks on B2-92, the same language and the 
same arguments. good work then!


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