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Syndicate: DA2 - The Container sets sail

DA2 hosts:

@ The Black and White Café, Grosvenor Road, St Pauls, Bristol Sunday 3
October from 2 pm with live London Link Up between 2-5pm, demonstrating the
technology the container will be using to link the Caribbean to the UK when
the Container lands in Jamaica.



The Container - a means of technological repatriation

The Container - a unit of transportation, distributing large quantities of
collective and individual gross Domestic Product. A dogma in the industrial

The Container is a mobile media lab which can provide access to computers
and the internet for those who are least able to gain access through
traditional means.

Jamaican born Mervin Jarman has purchased and equipped a container with
computers and accessories and is shipping it to Jamaica next week where it
will be used as a centre for drop-in training, education, advice and
DIY-media. Later it will island-hop across the Caribbean.

Over the summer the Container was used in London and Bristol to host
informal workshops for people with Caribbean connections wanting to learn
more ways in which they can take advantage of digital media. When the
Container reaches the Caribbean, the people from the UK communities that
have already been involved in the project will be able start up dialogues
on-line with friends and family overseas.

The Container was in Bristol as part of the DA2,  Digital Arts Development
Agency, arts programme, in July, during and after the St Pauls carnival,
providing hands-on internet workshops and demonstrations. In 2000 when the
Container has been landed in Jamaica, DA2 will be organising links between
artists working with the two international communities.

If you would like to help contribute computer resources to the Container
project or for more information about it please contact

For information on the Container in Bristol and the DA2 programme contact

You can follow the progress of the container at the DA2 website

The container in Bristol is supported by the Arts Council of England, JP,
Computer Access, Highprosys Computers, Hewlett Packard,  RUZ productions,
Mongrel and IANI media.

The Container Project Web Site is @

Be a Mongrel use NaturalSelection?
@ Mongrel:

Other publications:


Peter Ride, Director
DA2 Digital Arts Development Agency

DA2 is supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council
of England    ISP sponsorship provided by City Netgates

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