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Syndicate: message from the pyramid

Curated by Edi Muka
>From 01.19.99 â?? 15.10.99
QNK, Bul. "Deshmoret e Kombit", Tirana
Venue: Friday, 01 October, 1999, hr. 19.00
Every day: 10.00-12.30; 17.30-20.30
Considering all constraints and social rejections, the problem of 
representation of sex and gender seems to take a personal dimension, always 
established in front of the taboo though. On the other side, it is not by chance 
the very fact that the gender materialized by the BODY interacts with URBAN 
elements. Taking into account the environment and the hostile mentality to which 
the iconography of the show addresses, the exhibition consists of a provocative 
statement. The representative view point towards the matter vary from personal 
relations with the body, to the social impact of the nude, to the re 
appropriation of historical representations. The question mark on the beauty 
monopoly of female nude, has more to do with a personal freedom statement rather 
than the gay culture. 
On the other hand, what is more interesting is the fact that the BODY is 
reflected completely context based, distant from classical idealizing standards 
or unlimited modernist exploration. Therefore, although most of the works are 
related and turn around the BODY and sexual representation the URBAN element is 
always present, even when you donâ??t find it directly. Apparently the 
experiencing of an urban distortion finds its way to representation of "the body 
within the context". It is obvious that we are talking about a fake and fanatic 
"Ardhje" is an exhibition of young artists, some of the still students of the 
Academy of Fine Arts, who by means of painting, photo and installation create a 
collective image on the fragile relation between BODY and URBANIZM. The turning 
towards inner experiences of the group age they represent creates a rich visual 
The exhibition is curated by Edi Muka under the care of ICC, with the support 
of the Ministry of Culture.
Participating artists: Rovena Agolli, Alban Hajdinaj, Diana Mato, Luli 
Shtini, Genti Shkurti, Diti �apuni, Suela Muça, Klesti Qiriaqi, Violeta �arku, 
Blerti Murataj, Emira Turkeshi.